Gourmet Crackers 24 Pack/7 Oz.

Wheat-Free Crackers from Ener-G Foods are suitable for many diets. Free of gluten, wheat, milk, lactose, egg and casein. Low in saturated fat with no cholesterol, they make a great snack with your favorite toppings.

Quick facts

  • Wheat free crackers
  • Free of many common allergens
  • Kosher

Top reviews

Surprisingly wonderful.

I thought since these were wheat free, egg free, etc. that they would be taste free, but they are wonderful! I love them. They taste exactly like wheat crackers and they crumble up and taste just the way that they should in soup!
CharletteDent, MN

Excellent- Food Allergies or NOT

My son has a wheat, nut, and egg allergy and he LOVES these crackers. I was amazed to see other crackers with egg in them! These crackers are also gluten and milk free and measure about 4 1/2 x 3 inches. I use them for sandwiches by spreading cream cheese on both sides (to hold it together) or putting Sunbutter (peanut butter alternative) between 2 crackers. Even my other children like these crackers.
InaChestnut Mountain, GA

Favorite Gluten Free Cracker

Crunchy and delicious with anything. We use it in place of bread often. My 7 year old son loves it with lettuce, cheese, ham and a bit of mayo.
RichMelrose, OH


These crackers are simply the best in the gluten-free field. However, they are hard to find, even in the Bay Area, so I order from Amazon. The shipping adds a lot to the price; thus it is best to order a lot at once. They keep, if unopened, for a long time. Try them with a little butter —- not quite as good as an onion matzoh (in my memory) but delicious nonetheless.
MireyaCrofton, NE

Ener-G Gluten Free Wheat Free Crackers

I was really surprised at how good the cracker tasted. I am new to having to be gluten free and am thrilled that there are good tasting products that I can eat!
KenHuttig, AR