Gourmet Marionberry Jam, 11 oz Jar – All Natural – by Maury Island Farms

Maury Island Farms has a rich tradition of handcrafting all natural, gourmet jams, preserves and fruit toppings made with a focus on real fruit flavors. The idea is to bring the taste of a berry fresh off the bush into your jar of jam. Many jams and preserves are made using large amounts of sugar, but Maury Island Farms believes that the fruit should come first and provide the delicious flavor. That’s why our Marionberry Jam is made with much less sugar than most brands. When you order a Maury Island Farms product, you get quality fruit jam and preserves full of fresh, ripe berries. Our Marionberry Jam is gourmet quality and tastes great on toast, English muffins, and bagels. There are eight other delicious flavors to choose from, each made with fresh, ripe berries from the Pacific Northwest. Each type of jam or preserves is free of artificial flavorings and colorings, making them a wholesome choice that you can feel good about. The jam and preserves are beautifully packaged and labeled, making them perfect for gift-giving. Order a few packs of different flavors and make assortments to give as gourmet gifts to friends and family. Just make sure to save one jar for yourself! Or purchase a flavor that sounds tasty and keep it all to yourself to enjoy on your morning toast. However you decide to use Maury Island Jam and Preserves, the experience will be one to savor. Your order will include four jars of Marionberry Jam, 11 ounces per jar. We will ship the products direct to you from our warehouse.

Quick facts

  • The flavor comes from the Fruit, not from the sugar
  • Made in the Pacific Northwest using local ingredients
  • Made with all natural ingredients; No artificial flavorings or colorings
  • Gourmet Jam & Preserves are Perfect for gift-giving
  • 4 Jars of Marionberry Jam; 11 ounces per jar

Top reviews

Marionberry Jam

I purchased this jam for gifts for Christmas. Everyone loved the jam and my family thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you so very much.
JacquieFelton, DE

Great jam!!

I was thrilled to find the Maury Island Jams on Amazon.
The items were received very quickly, packed very efficiently.
I will definitely purchase them again, as all the jams are
EfrainLeonardville, KS