Goya Guava Paste, 21 Ounce

Serve sweet guava paste with cheese and crackers as a snack or appetizer. Great in desserts too.

Quick facts

  • Pasta de guayaba

Top reviews

A little bit of nostalgia in a can

If you grew up eating Guava Paste with cream cheese on galletas, then this will bring back memories. Couldn’t find this in any of our local grocery stores, but found it online. Order arrived fast and I shared some with my mother who used to give it to me on the weekends as a special treat. Just as great as it was back then.
AnFairmont, MN

Delicious. Tasty. Smooth.

Delicious. Tasty. Smooth. These are just a few words that come to mind when I think of guava paste.

Now, I’m not the type to eat guava. On the whole, I hate guava – I just can’t stand them – but guava paste, and particularly guava paste by Goya, is something I find myself craving a lot. When it finally became an impossibility to find in the stores – looking for over a year without seeing any puts it firmly in that category – I turned to the only place that has never let me down before, the internet, and specifically Amazon.com. That wonderful first bite, with just the right amount of “guava-grittiness” to have a perfect texture in the otherwise silken paste, helped to soothe my craving… at least until my guava paste ran out.

DeidraHoughton, NY

Very good!

I personally love guava paste and have tried a few different brands, this one is my personal favorite. Great with cheese as an afternoon snack or even a simple dessert.
MarieBeach City, OH