Goya Minced Garlic, 4.5-Ounce Units

Add flavor to your favorite recipes with Goya’s large variety of marinades and cooking ingredients. Minced Garlic Every cook’s delight – all the full flavor of fresh minced garlic in a jar that’s ready when you are.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve 4.5-ounce units
  • All the full flavor of fresh minced garlic
  • Refrigerate after opeining

Top reviews

Poorly packaged; no appeal

Love the garlic but one of the bottles was broken during shipment, so we received a stinking mess. Wrote the vendor; no response.
CarloHelmville, MT

MInced garlic ready to use without any fuss or muss!

This is a nice small bottle of minced garlic with a wonderful rich, full aroma. The garlic itself is very mild though. It has absolutely no BITE! unlike some fresh garlic bulbs. This is great for some recipes but others…like hummus… would benefit from a more aggressive tangy taste. Being prepared and bottled, there are no bulbs to go bad with excessive time and no mess of peeling and mincing. I really like these Goya minced garlic bottles and highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys a milder garlic flavor. I will be buying them again!
RolfNew Richmond, IN