Grafschafter Goldsaft Original Sugar Beet Syrup, 16 oz Jar

Sugar beet syrup is made from the pure juice of freshly harvested sugar beets, cooked and concentrated in a vacuum. The resulting product is a delicious spread which can be used on sandwiches and toast, or in sauces, desserts, and baked goods.

Quick facts

  • Includes one 16 oz jar of Grafschafter Goldsaft Original Sugar Beet Syrup
  • Gluten Free, Fat Free, Vegan, Preservative Free
  • Product of Germany

Top reviews

The taste of RAISINS…

In case any of you are wondering what the heck this is or what it tastes like, the best way to describe it is:
It tastes like the sweetness and flavor of RAISINS. Which I guess makes sense, sice both raisins and beets are condensed to become the final product and both contain a natural sugar plus other ingredients that arent removed or altered. Even the color is reminiscent and the aroma.
I like the fact that it has high iron and magnesium content, (19 and 30%, respectively) so this is a nice way to treat a sugar craving without it being entirely wasted or in vain.
It does NOT however have the consistency of honey as many say; it is much thicker and nearly crystallized such that it can be ‘spun’ or create thing long strings/hairs and it will not pour out of the jar. You have to force it off the spoon lol

All in all its probably an aquired taste, especially for putting on breads, and I tend to think its better as an ingredient IN bread etc, but its nothing far out or difficult to enjoy, either. If you are craving iron, this is a good answer LOL

RamonitaKinnear, WY

I miss it…

If people ask me what I miss abroad … it is this. For cooking German receipes that use sugar beet syrup you can sometimes replace it using maple syrup – but it is just not the same…
MicheleMathis, TX

Back to his Childhood

I bought the Sugar beet syrup for my Hubby. And he loves it,says”It takes him back to his Childhood in Germany.”I will be buying more soon, he is almost finished this jar.
DustinBush, LA

Got potato pancakes?

If you like German potato pancakes you should spread a bit of this stuff on top and you might never again put watery applesauce on them. Better yet, place the so prepared pancake on a piece of German whole kernel rye bread (pumpernickel works too). Even better, slice a kaiser roll in half, put on potato pancake, spread some sirup on it, and top it with the pumpernickel. You got yourself an authentic old-fashioned meal from the Rhineland in Germany. BTW, that’s also where this sirup comes from. What a treat!
DoyleOneida, KY

great product

My daughter loves this syrup on bread. We only could find it in a German store in Daytona Beach Florida. Since we moved away from Florida 3 years ago and could not bring it on the air plane (we don’t like to check in luggage). Thanks for Amazon my daughter can enjoy it again after 3 years.
AshaCleaton, KY

Sugar Beet Syrup, gotta try this breakfast spread!!

I want the “Black Honey” as I called Sugar Beet Syrup as a child. Very sweet, sticky and yummy just like honey.
BlairNalcrest, FL