Granforno Grissini Breadsticks, Traditional, 4.4-Ounce Boxes

Made with extra virgin olive oil. Cholesterol free. Low fat. Product of Italy.

Quick facts

  • From the ovens of Northern Italy
  • All Natural 100% Pure no preservatives no artificial colors no artificial sweeteners no hydrogenated oils no artificial flavors
  • No artificial additives or flavors
  • The taste of sun and wheat intensified by the golden browning from our ovens
  • Healthy snack alternative

Top reviews

First Review Denied

I wrote a review today already but was sent an email saying, “Your review could not be posted to the website in its current form.” I have no clue why, even after reading the guidelines in the email. All I said was that the bread sticks are tasty but that all of them were broken (I ordered a case of them). So, maybe this one will get through.
ShantelButtzville, NJ

Oh man do these hit the spot!

Doing the HCG diet. These are hard to find and there is so little to pick from. I figured they’d be dried up and tastless. Boy was I ever wrong. They are light and fluffy and good! Easiest 30 lbs I’ve ever lost.
NigelMonmouth, OR

What would the HCG Diet be without the Grissini Breadsticks?

I searched for these breadsticks when I was about 6 weeks into the very dynamic HCG Diet and boy was I surprised, in a good and bad way. I was surprised that they tasted SO good! I was surprised at how many broken ones were in each packet.

Buying a whole case at a time makes for a very affordable treat whether you are dieting or not. Overall, I ended up stashing the box in the garage and will bring it back out when I am on the maintenence part of the HCG Diet. These little treats are so tempting that I found myself wanting more than the recommended 2 per day 🙂

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DainaBancroft, NE

Grissini Bread Sticks

Great Breadsticks just know that you are buying a whole case!! I was quite surprised and guess I did not notice where it said pack of 12, means 12 boxes.
MindyZoe, KY

Great breadsticks but broken

I am giving these a 4 because the taste is great but there are only 2 in the individual box I opened that weren’t broken. Not a huge deal but when u r doing the HCG diet you have to know for sure what u are eating. Maybe they need to protect the box better?
HoseaDestin, FL

Great breadsticks for the HCG diet

The HCG diet is one hell of a great way to lose weight and Grissini breadsticks are recommended on the original protocol. It’s hilarious how these crunchy little basically tasteless sticks of flour and water can become DELICIOUS when you eat 500 calories for 4 weeks composed of no carbs except for these. It’s really easy to stay on the plan, to be honest, and you drop fat like crazy, but these tiny Italian treasures take on a life of their own during the process. Melba toast doesn’t stand a chance!
LangMount Carmel, UT

Mostly broken

While the breadsticks were ok most of them were broken. As I’m on a special diet and was to have just one, it was difficult to get the exact amount while sorting through pieces. I have since located them at a nearby healthfood store so will no longer need to order this item. The three star review was just due to the breakage.
ValentineHauula, HI

Cracked Crackers

Ordered a case for use on the HCG diet. They taste wonderful. My only complaint is that most every box had only 2 or 3 bread sticks in tact. A huge amount of breakage, I think. And, it is a little odd to be measuring bits and pieces of cracker to assemble the equivalent of one breadstick so as to meet the requirements of the diet! That said, I will order them again, and hope that someone has figured out how to ship these yummy crackers without so much breakage.
JaneMountain Center, CA


Most of the breadsticks were broken into pieces. I would absolutely not order these again. The description was not explained well.Granforno Grissini Breadsticks, Traditional, 4.4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
RoseFredonia, NY

Disappointed! Selected Wrong Type of Grissini Breadsticks

I ordered these before and they were fantastic. Ordered them again and I selected the “Original” instead of “Torino” type. The original is thicker and many of them were broken. The Torino type are skinny and a little crunchier and come in individual packages. Not going to pay to send them back, but will be sure to select the right ones next time.
AlejandrinaNorth Zulch, TX

good stuff

These are a very good tasting breadstick that I use when on the HCG diet. They help with the hunger and craving problems that go along with dieting.
MadaleneNemaha, IA

Great tasting diet food~

For the price and reason, these are tasty little crackers. They were part of a food list item for a diet and I was surprised by the subtle flavor and excellent texture. They’re not filling, definitely a side thing. If you’re dieting these taste like you’re not. Fairly good value. The only issue is after shipment, many are broken and can’t be enjoyed in their original shape.
AbrahamWeldon, IL


I bought these because I am on the HCG Diet and these are a delicious cracker/breadstick. Light flavor and crispy. Even my kids like them!
YesseniaAbiquiu, NM

Imported Italian Breadsticks

This product is a bargain at a little over a dollar per 8-serving box during a regular eating time. For the HCG dieter, they are even less expensive as the allowed portion is smaller. They are an awesome low fat carb anytime, and what’s more, even my middle school students like having them for a treat!
CaitlinVan Buren Point, NY

Love them!

I ordered those Grissini as I was starting the Hcg diet and they’re perfect! I did not realize how many came in the box when I ordered them and was pleasantly surprised. I will order them again.
JalisaEast Greenwich, RI


I purchased these Granforno Grissini Breadsticks because of a special diet I am on. They were very crisp and were rather tasty. Although I read the order amount wrong (4.4 oz boxes of 12; thought I was getting 4 boxes, but, actually got 12 boxes) LOL, I still enjoyed them very much. I also gave away some boxes to family and friends!
LurleneDisputanta, VA