Gravy Master 2 oz.

Gravy Master Browning & Caramelizing Seasoning 2 oz, Pack of 3

Quick facts

  • Gravy Master in its unique glass bottle, has been on pantry shelves since 1935.
  • Gravy Master enhances the natural flavors and appearance of gravies, meats, stews, fish, poultry, and vegetables.
  • Gravy Master helps seal in natural juices and flavors, adding a golden brown glaze ideal for extra taste appeal.
  • Todays mothers and grandmothers have presented delicious gravies and tasty meals made with quality Gravy Master sauce.

Top reviews

Everyone Loves My Gravy – Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Pork

I love to make simple roasts with gravy for mashed potatoes, bread stuffing or Yorkshire Pudding – Gravy Master and a touch of dissolved corn starch in stock are the secret to success with any of your pan drippings. Gravy master is not a thickener, it adds color, clarity and flavor to your gravies. It is a blend of caramelized vegetables, no meat products. I think the flavor is superior to Bisto and Kitchen Bouquet and it gives sauces a better natural browned color. My significant other is working on maintaining a vegetarian diet but loves gravy – I’m going to give this a go with Kitchen Basics Vegetable Stock, mushrooms and carmelized shallots and see if I can come up with a great gravy for him and I bet it will be good. This product wasn’t available on the west coast for many years – I used to bring home 4-6 bottles in my suitcase from trips back east. Now I’ve been able to find it online and even in stores in California. Sorry to see it is no longer made in Branford, Connecticut – where it was a small family business for years – looks like the product has gained a new manufacturer and distribution though and maintained it’s superior quality.
TammeraLadiesburg, MD

The Best Gravy Ever.

Good flavor, makes gravy a nice brown color, mixes well, tastes good. Only need small amount small bottle lasts along time. good price for 3 pk. will buy again.
RosanneAlhambra, IL

Great stuff!

Been using Gravy Master for decades! It’s too bad I can’t find it locally any longer. However, you can still get it on! No meat, so great for vegetarians! 😉 I love this stuff! AND, it’s all natural!
VelvetSpring Lake, NJ

Liquid Gold of Flavor Enhancers

This adds depth of flavor to sauces, gravies, soups, and stews. It is concentrated so you don’t need much, but add it to a slow cooker roast, stew or a roast in the oven, and people wont stop talking about your food.
TamraBloomfield, MT

Far ahead of other, similar products across the board

This is a first class product. It nicely colors gravies which would otherwise be a bit pale, and does this with a natural-looking dark brown coloring. It does not look artificial and does not add an unrealistic, shiny appearance to the gravy. It also has only a very faint aroma, and the slight aroma it has is quite pleasant; some of the other competing products have, in my opinion, a clearly unpleasant odor to them, a major drawback. Lastly, a little bit goes a long way, and one bottle lasts a very long time. Fortunately, the product seems to have a very long shelf-life. The only drawback I’m aware of is that it is hard to find in stores, the competitors, unfortunately, are clearly more popular with the retailers than this high-quality product is.
ZulmaMc Kean, PA