Great River Organic Milling Organic Breakfast Cereal Whole Grain Hot Cereal, 2 Pound Bags

Great River Organic Milling is committed to providing quality organic products because we believe they are vital to promoting the cycle of a healthy environment for all. Most of our products are stone-ground to produce a more flavorful and nutritional product. Certified Organic by QAI and Kosher approved, Great River Organic Milling has been providing stone-ground quality for over a quarter of a century.

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 2-pound bags (total of 8 pounds)
  • Kosher; certified organic
  • Whole grain hot cereal
  • Favorite for campers
  • Packs easily and cooks quickly for a hearty morning meal

Top reviews

Delicious whole-grain porridge cereal

This cereal has a delicious whole-grain flavor and makes for a great healthier cream-of-wheat option, as it’s made up of 100% whole-grain coarsely-ground wheat and brown rice, plus additional wheat bran. This shows in the nutritional info as well, as 1/3 cup (33g) has 7g fiber (28% daily value) in only 23g total carbs (9% daily value) and 5g protein as well.

Here’s how I make it for a quick and hearty hot breakfast: I take roughly a heaping 1/3 cup of it, a small handful (~1 tbsp) of some dried fruit (i.e., raisins or the like), a pinch of salt, a tiny bit of sweetener (honey, agave, real maple syrup, etc.), and a cup of any type of milk (my favorite for this purpose being my homemade almond milk) and nuke it for 3 minutes. It comes out a bit loose but after sitting for another few minutes, it thickens up considerably and is also now cool enough to actually eat.

Typically what I’ll do is prepare the above in the bowl I’ll be eating it out of (which takes all of around a minute to put together total), put it in the microwave to cook and go about continuing with my morning routine. When I get back to it roughly 10 minutes later, all it needs is a quick stir and it’s ready. Yum!

SyreetaFlynn, TX