Great River Organic Milling, Organic Whole Grains Hulled Millet, 25-Pound Package

Great River Organic Milling is committed to providing quality organic products because we believe they are vital to promoting the cycle of a healthy environment for all. Most of our products are stone-ground to produce a more flavorful and nutritional product. Certified Organic by QAI and Kosher approved, Great River Organic Milling has been providing stone-ground quality for over a quarter of a century.

Quick facts

  • One, 25-pound bag
  • Certified organic; non-GMO grains
  • High protein content; excellent grain to add for dietary variety
  • Use as a cereal or as a stuffing, a side dish, or blended into other dishes
  • Mild flavor; try in dessert dishes

Top reviews

They are not hulled millets! They are for birds not for human being!

My daughter and I have gluten intolerance problem, we could not even have oatmeal. Millets become one of the best choice for the breakfast. We ordered two 25 lbs before, and they were pretty good. So we subscribed auto shippment every two months. Suprisingly, there were so many unhulled millets in the third order, and no one in the family could swollow them. They are for birds not human being! I called to complaint about it, and got refund for it. I am not going to buy this product again!
EarthaCatawba, SC

Very clean hulled millets

I bought this because it was a pretty good deal, and I’m completely satisfied with my purchase. I didn’t find any unhulled millets in the whole package. It’s very easy to cook and the taste is great. I’ll definitely buy it again!
BetsyMarietta, NC

Not up to par

Well, I guess I should’ve taken the cue from the first reviewer. Yep, this millet is inedible, completely. Not adequately dehulled. I guess I figured that they had fixed the problem based on the second review given. They certainly had plenty of time in the last year to beef up quality control. So, I took a chance. Hey, maybe it’s a hit or miss thing. Or perhaps the second reviewer didn’t boil theirs, but ground it into flour and so didn’t notice the problem. (?) Anyway, I am very familiar with cooking millet and using it instead of rice and I would classify what I received as not fit for human consumption. Guess you get what you pay for! Of course there is no returning this item. Oh well, perhaps the birds will like it.
FlorChappells, SC