Green and Blacks Cocoa – Organic Fair Trade 100% cocoa powder

Green and Blacks Cocoa – Organic Fair Trade 100% cocoa powder. Organic cocoa made with the finest organic cocoa beans.

Quick facts

  • Green & Black’s
  • Organic Cocoa
  • Fair Trade
  • 100% Cocoa Powder

Top reviews

My favorite cocoa

A friend and I who prefer our hot chocolate unsweetened had a cocoa testing. We bought five cocoas, all but one organic and at least one fair trade. Then we each lined up five cups, added half and half to the five cocoas, and sipped. We both agreed that Green and Black was the best by far.
EstebanEgegik, AK

The Best Chocolate

I had been buying this chocolate for a few years and then my favorite store no longer carried it and I could not find it anywhere else. I am very happy that Amazon carries this. I use it for making the best chocolate cake I have ever made. Other chocolate does not taste as good or the same and everyone can tell when I use another kind in my cake. Also I sprinkle some in my blender shakes and it makes them taste wonderful.
DerickQuebeck, TN

Very tasty! Not bitter or Acidic.

This is a delicious cocoa powder for baking or mixing into hot milk. It is unsweetened but has a slight natural sweetness. I have learned to enjoy it with any added sweetener, thus avoiding the calories of sugar and any possible side-effects of chemical sweeteners.

I tend to get heartburn easily and this is one of only two cocoa products I’ve found that don’t give me heartburn. The other is from a store that does not have a web presence and is not local to me, so for me it is worth paying extra to get this cocoa.

LekishaMiami, OK