Green Beans Coffee Extreme Black & Herbal Tea, 20-Count Tea Bags

An extreme combination of the finest black and green teas spiked with a dash of yerba mate, for that extra oomph!

Quick facts

  • Combination of the finest black and green teas spiked with a dash of yerba mate
  • Savor in the tropical notes of peaches and citrusy blood oranges
  • This invigorating infusion could stir up more than your extreme being a zing or two

Top reviews

Truly Zingy, Yes! Great Taste Too!

I am so glad that Amazon has this tea! As, I never even heard of this Green Beans Coffee company prior to this order. Green Beans Coffee got it’s start supporting the US Military and continues to do that.
AND, this Extreme Tea that they have is great! As soon as I opened it- I could smell a pleasant fruity flavor (like orange/kiwi maybe? Definitely/evidently, pleasantly, fruity!) and couldn’t wait to taste it:
Also, in addition to tasting good: I was surprised that this Extreme Tea actually does, quickly, give that zing stated. Within about 25-30mins of drinking a cup- I really felt an energetic lift! I’m an avid tea drinker- and, from any other tea, I’ve NEVER experienced the very noticeable boost that this tea gives. Actually, very noticeably zingy!
If you prefer tea instead of coffee: This Extreme Tea tastes great and, like coffee, gives the needed boost or zing as well. And, with all of tea’s well-known antioxidant benefits this is most welcome. If you need a healthy antioxidant energy drink- it’s even cool to make iced tea from this like I have done and be on the go!
The only thing I feel buyers would desire to know is the actual amount of caffeine within this Tea, and I couldn’t find the caffeine content about any of their products on the Green Beans Coffee company’s website. But, this tea is a 5star! I’m ordering more. AND, I’ll do so knowing that I’m ordering from a company that supports our US Troops. Win-win. After drinking this, I’m thinking: Starbucks who???
KimberliAbita Springs, LA