Green & Black’s Maya Gold, Organic Dark Chocolate with Orange & Spices, 3.5-Ounce Bars

Fair trade certified. By buying this bar of Maya Gold, you are directly supporting small-scale farmers through direct trade, fair prices, community development and environmental sustainability. Minimum Cocoa Content: 55%. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Made in Italy.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 5, 3.5-ounce bars (total of 17.5-ounces)
  • White chocolate from cocoa butter, pressed directly from the crushed cocoa beans
  • Maya Gold with perfectly balanced by the warmth of cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of vanilla
  • Bittersweet with Currant & Hazelnut has toasted, nutty crunch of organic chopped hazelnuts

Top reviews


I am an avid dark chocolate lover. Not a lover of this one at all. This bar reminds me of Christmas because of it’s intense spice flavor… like when my mom used to throw cinnamon, dried apple and any other spice she could think of in a pot of simmering water to fill the room with a ‘holiday scent’. Way too strong to eat! This chocolate bar does not have a good spice flavor.. more like you are eating chocolate-covered potpourri. I don’t really taste orange at all. Just strong spice. Their other bars are much better.
CeliaQueenstown, MD

Heavenly. . .

I am not limiting this review just to this particular flavor of Green and Black’s chocolate, since I have dedicated myself to the pursuit of chocolate excellence, and G&B’s is there! I have painstakingly sampled all of the flavors, and I can declare with satisfaction that they are all excellent. I pretend to myself that since it is “organic” and “dark chocolate” it is good for me, which I suppose it would be if I could limit myself to healthy amounts and not gorge myself as is my tendency. The flavors are appealing and varied – and I do particularly like the dark chocolate-orange combination. Try it and see for yourself
WayneCampbell, OH

an outstanding bar

This is a delicious, interesting and very satisfying bar of chocolate. The orange and spices used to make the bar enrich the natural flavors in the chocolate to make this an amazing combination. Perhaps not for everyone but I find it simple outstanding.
JulienneRedondo Beach, CA

Absolutely amazing flavor!

Green & Black’s Organic Orange and Spices Dark Chocolate bar is for serious chocolate lovers only. It has intense flavor that will make it difficult to go back to “standard” chocolate bars from makers like Dove and Ghiradelli. G&B’s bar tastes like an infusion of orange rind, light spices, and, of course, chocolate! This bar melts in your mouth like no other and is more than worth the extra cost.

A nice bonus is that this bar is Fair Trade certified, so you know that you’re buying a chocolate bar that was purchased for a living wage to the farmers that grew the cocao. I love all of G&B’s products, and I think you’ll like this one too!

Keep in mind that in stores, one of these bars retails for ~$3.99. At Amazon’s current price, they’re only $2.79 each. Quite a deal.

HerlindaWren, OH

Amazing taste, excellent ‘green cred’!

From my first bite, I was in love with Green & Black’s Maya Gold! Both the orange & spices, as well as the chocolate are smooth and just intense enough. Nothing chunky, chewy, crunchy, or gummy in here! Just pure, fair trade, vegan goodness! The flavor is so delicious and satisfying that you can really get that ‘chocolate relief’ from one itty-bitty piece. The bars are so yummy, that you wanna eat more, though! We’re always sure to have at least one bar in the house (although it does go quickly!) these 3-bar packs make it easier to share πŸ™‚


I rely on reviews here at Amazon to help me make informed buying choices. I hope this review has helped you in the same manner. If you voted this as helpful, I Thank You! πŸ™‚

GradyRio Dell, CA

Green & Black’s Maya is GOLD

Green & Black’s Maya Gold, Organic Dark Chocolate with Orange & Spices is, hands down, the finest dark chocolate I’ve experienced. It leaves the Germans and Belgians behind and the Americans and Dutch in the DUST! WORTH THE PRICE!Green & Black’s Maya Gold, Organic Dark Chocolate with Orange & Spices, 3.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 5)
JoeQuantico, MD


I would have preferred some dark chocolate with my nutmeg bar.

It was unpalatable. I had to hold my nostrils together to get it down. I had 2 other people try it and they didn’t like it either.

I can see one person here reviewing loves is, which is great, at least someone does. But, I thought it was terrible. If I had a crazy sweet tooth and it was the only chocolate around, I still wouldn’t eat it.

LeonieStanwood, MI

Delicious and a great deal!

Fair trade, organic, and delicious – AND a great deal! I received a box of 10 bars (even though the product description says it’s a 5 pack), so it comes out to less than $2 per bar. If you like fruit and dark chocolate, you can’t go wrong here!
IraAugusta, MO

Grows on you

The first bite of Green & Black’s Maya Gold put me off a little. Though I love orange flavored chocolate, I wasn’t sure what to make of the spices. Let it melt in your mouth slowly to appreciate the mixture of flavors and they bloom into something very enjoyable. This chocolate is meant to be savored in small bits. My favorite is Green & Black’s dark chocolate with cherries, but this one is almost as perfect.
GlenMidland, TX

Very good

This chocolate is sooo good! I love the mixture of the dark chocolate and spices, sweet and bitter. Some may not like it because it does have a bite!! Beware Very addicting, but i try to only have 2 pieces a day. it is very deliciouse and amazing chocolate.
LethaJohnston City, IL

Cheap-tasting & Unremarkable

Perhaps my expectations were too high considering it was $4 at my store, and I really wanted to like this– but it tastes extremely similar to one of those cheap chocolate oranges that come out around Christmas. Nothing remarkable. The orange flavor was far too pronounced, and I hardly tasted any spices. I was hoping it would taste more chocolatey, with the orange flavor very subtle and nuanced. Unfortunately, it is the opposite. I don’t really understand all the positive reviews here- but I think next time (if there’s a next time?) I’ll try a different variety in hope that I come away more impressed. In the meantime, my favorite bar of chocolate continues to be Lindt’s dark chocolate with sea salt. Divine.
HiediWoodland, PA

BEST chocolate there is!!!

Arrived quickly. Great chocolate. Worth every penny. Gave it as a gift and it went over really nicely. I did however check it was a gift on the question through Amazon and it didn’t come ready to gift. Otherwise it was great.
PerryLowes, KY

Pleasantly Surprised

Although I am not normally a fan of chocolate with orange, I decided to try this bar, because it is both fair trade and organic. In fact, it is the ONLY fair trade item in the Green & Black’s chocolate bar line, if that’s important to you. I was pleasantly surprised by how well balanced the orange and spice flavors were. Neither one was pungent or overpowering to the chocolate. And, as is typical of Green & Black’s products, the chocolate was creamy and had some “mouth melt” to it. One thing to note is that this bar has only 55% cocoa content, so it’s sweeter than some of the other varieties. I gave it 4 stars because it’s certainly better than average but not “to die for.”
JoelMendota, VA