Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count

Just try to resist the enticing aromas of Green Mountain French Vanilla coffee! Lusciously rich and smooth with the flavors of sweet vanilla cream. K-cups are compatible with all Keurig brewers, and are also compatible with the new Keurig 2.0

Quick facts

  • Contains 24 K-cups
  • Lusciously rich and smooth with the flavors of sweet vanilla cream
  • Delicious light roast coffee
  • K-Cup perfect for Keurig Single Cup Brewers
  • K-cups also compatible with new Keurig 2.0 Brewer

Top reviews

Allergy warning

I got a keurig machine for my significant other as a birthday gift and got to choose a free coffee pack to go with it at the time of purchase. Later on we both tested it and within a few minutes of trying it my throat started to swell.

I have a severe allergic reactions to Red dye #40 including anaphylactic shock from ingesting any amount of it. According to the resources I spoke to Red dye is something often used on nuts as a preservative, apparently including those used in green mountain coffee. That Regardless it would have been nice to have some sort of ingredient list on the package, it’s a large risk they are placing customers whom are unfortunate enough to possess such food allergies.

TakakoWest Milton, PA


Would not purchase again. Very artificial vanilla taste. Not as good as the vanilla coffee at my local shop. I’ll go there if I want flavored coffee!
JaneDillonvale, OH


Received item fast. Unknown about the actual item because it is a gift. I would love to comment more, but the gods of Amazon have declared I must have at least this amount of comments.
TaliaNashville, IN

Weak coffee IMO

The French vanilla flavoring was good, but I found the coffee itself to be very weak. I’ll admit I am a usual Starbucks French roast drinker, so my pallet naturally gravitates toward stronger brews.
JuliePort Lions, AK

too artificial taste

this vanilla is just so overwhelmingly artificial! green mountain does better in bold blend than these flavored ones. i’m surprised some people think there’s still not enough vanilla taste..
DonettaSandy Springs, SC

Green Mountain Coffee French “Chemical” Flavor

Having tried other instant Coffee/K-cups I’d have to say so far this is the worst attempt at French Vanilla that I have encountered. From the other reviews you either like it or dislike it and those that dislike it all have one thing in common, the “Overwhelmingly” artificial chemical taste. It’s more like 90% Chemical, 10% Vanilla flavor and it does not taste better after a few weeks of drinking it.

While not a k-cup, one of the better instant Vanilla brews is Nescafe’s Taster Choice Vanilla packets. You’ll need 2 packets of the tasters choice for the best taste, but it’s a lot better tasting than this Green mountain k-cup.

StantonTamiment, PA

Poor Substitute

We have purchased Emiril’s Vanilla Bam coffee for years. I’m not a big Emiril fan, but the vanilla coffee was excellent. Now I find that it’s been discontinuted, so we had to find a replacement. Thus we tried Green Mountain French Vanilla. It has an almost overwhelming, fake vanilla smell and a bit overpowering taste. We will continue to try other brands until we can find something close to our favorite.
MallieGeorgetown, FL


very tasteful smells great and taste great not very strong but thats how i like it
TomikoDimmitt, TX

Good Coffee – Oddly priced…

This coffee is fantastic, but does anyone else notice that it’s cheaper to buy two 24 packs than it is to buy one 48 pack? That’s a little confusing…
DarwinMertens, TX


LeanaCorapeake, NC

Vanilla flavor outshines the weak coffee flavor

I’m not someone who needs incredibly strong coffee, but after we received a Keurig as a wedding gift, Green Mountain Hazelnut and French Vanilla were the first two packs of K-cups we bought. We were disappinted with both. The flavoring is good, but the coffee itself is weak, even with the coffeemaker set lower. Recommend you buy Coffee People Jet Fuel and some flavored creamer instead.
HollisCoeburn, VA


I am struggling to keep this stocked for our office coffee maker. Everyone who likes light roast, flavored coffees is in love with this product.
LaelCalifornia City, CA


Very good coffee, rich flavor. Highly recommend this coffee. Reasonable priced and would buy again along with many other Green a mountain favors.
MoisesThompsonville, NY

Great coffee, great price.

Love the French vanilla. Very creamy and flavorful. Price is so reasonable. Will continue to purchase this item. Hope to try other flavors.
LorrianeGlenford, NY


I like flavored coffee. This one is good. The hazelnut is also Yummy. Most of the green montain kcups I have tried were delicious, the exception being the caramel vanilla cream, which doesn’t taste like vanilla, or caramel, or creak I guess. This kind does taste like vanilla.
RenatoChocowinity, NC

Decaf French Vanilla K-Cup

This coffee tastes great, smells wonderful, and the price for 24 of them is very reasonable. Buy it…you’ll REALLY like it!
KarlSneads Ferry, NC


Much cheaper than buying at the only department store in our small town, Wal-Mart. I was glad to get twice the product for halp the price. Thanks, Diane Howard
I will be back.
ConsuelaMilton, WV

Great tasting easy to use coffee

I’ve heard others who don’t like Keurig coffee but I really find it to be some of my favorite and with these cups quite easy to make and quick too. All the flavors are subjective and for me I haven’t found any I don’t like. I’m the type of coffee drinker who likes coffee shop coffee and not really fond of Star B. if that helps. So if your taste is similar you should like this too.
RegeniaRiverton, WV

Pleasing to the Palate

My wife loves this coffee. She drinks it every morning. Recently a friend declined a cup of coffee. When she saw the vanilla, she changed her mind. She loved the flavor. We will continue to purchase Green Mountain Vanilla coffee.
DemarcusNew Berlin, NY

This is my new favorite coffee

I love this coffee more than any other I’ve ever tried. It’s simply perfect.

I do find it odd that the 48 count is over twice the cost of the 24 count but that’s nothing major. I just think it’s weird and only people who are worse at math than me would buy the 48 count instead of the 24 count. (There can’t be many people worse at math than me… I’m pretty bad.)

Fantastic coffee though. I highly recommend it if you want a light, pleasant coffee.

RosellePaskenta, CA

Great coffee…good packing

The coffee is excellent. Good flavor. Since there isn’t a Starbucks here I can’t compare but as far as I remember it is better. They packaged it right and it made it to an APO address perfectly. Thanks.
NellyHyde Park, NY

Pleasantly surprised~

I love flavored coffees and that’s pretty much all I drink….I’m basically a flavored java fanatic!! LOL Wasn’t sure this one was going to be that great, but I was pleasantly surprised!! It’s quite yummy and definitely satisfies my vanilla coffee cravings!
MarcelinePorters Sideling, PA

Wake up with a smile

This oh so yummy 2 calorie a k-cup coffee is light and delicious. Pair together with the Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla Sweetener and you can feel good about your morning cup (or in my case – several cups) of coffee. Yummy yummy yummy! Another Cup Please!
VirgilioStacy, NC

nice taste

I like this coffee anytime during the day. It has a nice fresh taste. no aftertaste, very enjoyable would recommend this flavor to other customers
FreedaBoonsboro, MD

K cup French Vanilla

We love our new coffee pot, but the K-cups are expensive. Buying them at Amazon has allowed me to keep using the pot because it is cost effective especially with the free postage.
TisaStedman, NC


this coffee is very good. I like the taste. I need a stronger coffee in the moring so I started using another kind but this was very good.
ElishaToddville, IA

Mild, not wild, about GMC French Vanilla

Green Mountain Coffee’s French Vanilla has a nice taste, one that is not synthetic and the vanilla tones are subtle. I would prefer a slightly more robust coffee roast and/or a stronger sense of the vanilla. It is a good medium blend and certainly shouldn’t offend.
BrandaEast Bloomfield, NY

Love it!

I think Green Mountain is one of my favorite brands for K-cups; not too strong and not too weak. I drink my coffee black so the flavor really needs to be perfect for me to like it.
MarlenaSimms, MT

good taste, reasonable price

I don’t have a lot to say. It is good, if not great, and the price is reasonable. I don’t taste any vanilla, but that’s not a biggy to me..
AbbeyHarrison, NJ


I love Green Mountain French Vanilla especially with International Delight French Vanilla coffee creamer. Combine the two and you have a commercial quality coffee at a price that is affortable and in your own home. I like my French Vanilla cold so I make it up and put it in the fridge in reused popular brand glass jars and when it is cold it tastes just like the kind you buy in glass bottles in your grocery fridge.
VoncilePalisades, NY