Green Mountain Coffee Hazelnut, K-Cups for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count Boxes

With a rich and creamy flavor! Buttery, sweet and creamy, with the warm flavors of roasted nuts. The ultimate quality coffee in the ultimate single-cup brewing system–we use only fresh-roasted 100% pure Arabica coffee that offers unparalleled taste and flavor. This exceptional coffee is ground and packaged fresh from the roaster into the revolutionary K-Cup, a patented design that is guaranteed to deliver a perfect cup of coffee every single time. The innovative K-Cup design creates the opportunity for a truly exceptional coffee experience. It protects our outstanding coffee from light, air, and moisture–providing you with the best possible cup of coffee, just as our master roaster intended. Great coffee made easy. Great tasting coffee crafted with care – From our early days as a hometown roaster in a small Vermont Cafe, We’ve believed business has the power to make a positive difference in the world. We serve up delicious coffee and supported a community of neighbors and friends. Twenty-three years later, our community has grown to include coffee lovers, coffee-farming families, around the globe. We still believe the path to a better world can begin with the great cup of coffee. Our goal is to provide you an extraordinary coffee experience that’s also environmentally sound, socially just, and completely sustainable. Each day, we take steps along the path.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 25-count boxes(total of 50-count boxes)
  • Fresh-roasted 100% pure Arabica coffee
  • Packaged fresh from the roaster into the revolutionary K-Cup

Top reviews

No longer as advertised…

Green Mountain recently (and inexplicably) discontinued their “Hazelnut Cream” brand. I came here hoping to pick some up, and ordered two cases. Much to my surprise, what was delivered was not “Hazelnut Cream” — which other reviewers have noted is the best of all flavors — but just plain “Hazelnut,” which tastes like a mix of liquified dirt and bitters.

In short, do not expect Hazelnut Cream — you will be getting “Hazelnut,” which tastes horrendous.

RileyKnoxville, GA

2nd best flavored

Next to French Vanilla, this is the next best flavored variety. Green Mountain I prefer over GLoria JEans or Timothy’s
ErvinArab, AL

Green Mountain Yum

I have tried all the coffee K-Cups….they are marvelous. But this Hazelnut Cream hits the spot. Tastes as thought one were having a dessert but without the calories.

The Green Mountain are also the very best

KandyJava, SD

Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups Hazelnut

Good favor if brewing a cup but is a little weak at the mug setting
DanBradley, CA