Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, Nantucket Blend K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers 96-Count

Complex four coffee blend with exceptional character blend brings together four coffees from three continents. Full, hearty and distinctively complex, exotic and delicious coffee attributes are blended together to make this delicious nantucket coffee blend. Includes berry tones from east africa, deep, full-bodied indonesian, and zesty bright flavors from the americas. K-cups are compatible with all keurig brewers, and are also compatible with the new keurig 2.0.

Quick facts

  • Convenient 96-count case (4 packs of 24)
  • Complex medium roast coffee
  • Exceptional character and distinctiveness
  • Easy to use kcups
  • K-cup perfect for keurig single cup brewers
  • Contains 96 K-Cups
  • K-cups also compatible with new Keurig 2.0 Brewer

Top reviews

This is NOT DECAFFINATED COFFEE, Green box doesn’t mean Jack

Green Mountain now colors the box light green but this product is caffeinated. Wife got Snookered caused she thought Medium roast didn’t have caffeine; just cause the box was light green. Don’t you get fooled too. Coffee had a bitter taste had to put MORE French Vanilla creamer in it to make it have a smoother taste. ( that was medium roast) Going back to Newmans Medium roast Kuerig.
CharmainOrmsby, MN

Coffee is good – Shipping is 3 months??

I really like Nantucket Blend. I drink way too much! So I thought I would buy the 96 ct. pack. What a mistake. I ordered 2 weeks ago, but the product has not arrived. I checked my Amazon account and it said the product would ship between July and August. Three to four months for shipping? How very ridiculous. I must say that this is my fault. It clearly says that in the product listing. However, I usually get everything I order from within a couple or three days, so I didn’t even think to look. Buy this coffee from another vendor, please.
FloydStanton, IA


I hated this K-cup and couldn’t wait to be done with the box. (We hate wasting unless toxic.) So while not toxic, the best I can say for this variety is that it tastes like bitter, yet weak “sock water”. Now, after reading the many good reviews this blend has received, I’m apprehensive to trust the reviews of the other K-cup varieties.
AlicaPaupack, PA

Not the good stuff!

These were awful! I have had these many time s before but this box was below par and gives both me and my husband strong heartburn. I would have sent them back but by now, half used, I am just ordering other different ones and putting these in the bun.
I wonder if anyone else has had this problem?
DemarcusRussellville, AR

Can you recycle K-Cups???

Does anyone know if K-Cups can be recycled? I cannot seem to find out. I would be much more likely to purchase a coffee machine that uses K-Cups if I knew the cups could be recycled.
GennaNew Glarus, WI

over priced

I had many a k-cup but at 1.29 a piece. I’ll just take my refill cup to the store and let someone else make me a cup. I have bought k cups on sale for as little as .54 a piece. Green mountain is one of the better coffees but lets be realistic with the price huh.
DarrelPleasant City, OH

Best Coffee

This is a great deal for this coffee. It’s my favorite and Amazon is a really good place to buy it.
AntonetteTempe, AZ


This coffee is extremely weak. It lacks flavor, like drinking a cup of hot water, yuck! Not what I expected from Green Mountain and the name “Nantucket Blend”.
SheryIron Gate, VA


Although the coffee had no reached the expiration date, I felt this coffee was borderline stale. I’m not sure how far out these products are packed to the expiration date, but wished it would have been fresher. As these little packets are somewhat expensive, I was hoping for more.
BurlGoreville, IL


I’ve tried a lot of different K-Cups and this is the weakest K-Cup coffee I’ve ever tried. It should not be labeled “Medium Roast”, it should be labeled “Warm Water Tasteless” Roast. Too bad I bought a large box. What a waste…
KennethBloxom, VA


I can’t wait to try some of this coffee because until now the breakfast blend I think is the best but Im going to try some more.
RosamariaSand Coulee, MT

Not What I Ordered

I ordered the Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend which I like as a smooth medium roast morning coffee. I received the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend which is too mild for my liking. Three stars for the coffee received. I won’t order again from the Amazon marketing partner that sold it.
LynelleJuliaetta, ID

Poor coffee , Nothing to do with Nantucket, named wrong

The Ingredients aren’t from Nantucket, the blend is not smooth. Too heavy or something maybe too much arabica.

then today I learn Green Mountain Coffee is involved with this:
Burlington, Vermont – October 25, 2010

Could a routine inquiry into accounting practices at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters lead to an insider trading investigation? A Wall Street whistleblower believes it’s possible after reviewing documents from the Securities Exchange Commission.

The SEC is already conducting an informal inquiry into Green Mountain’s “revenue recognition practices.” And now Sam Antar, a securities expert who has worked with federal investigators, says public documents show a company executive sold thousands of shares just before the company publicly disclosed the SEC inquiry. The announcement of the inquiry was followed by a 16-percent drop in Green Mountain’s stock price.

A group of shareholders are already suing the company, alleging executives artificially inflated the stock price and cashed in before the price drop. And Antar says the timing of the stock sale is the kind of thing that could trigger an insider trading investigation.

Not recommending this at all. Try the Donut Shop Kuerig Coffee its a lot better blend..

LilliEutaw, AL

Our Favorite

Green Mountain is our favorite coffee. We switched from grinding our own to K cups recently. We still love Vermont Country Blend and Heifer Hope, but this is the ultimate K-cup for us. A medium roast, rich but not bitter. It satisfies every time.
LoriannAlgonquin, IL

Great Coffee/Bad Price

This is one of my favorites. Why is Amazon charging so much for it though? Bought easily elsewhere for 10.00 or so.
Amazon, you can be competitive with this one. That should be two boxes for this price.
SashaLawrenceville, VA

Nice coffee to start the day

I enjoy starting the day with a cup of coffee. Once upon a time, I just used instant. Some were decent quality; some weren’t. Then, I tried Mr. Coffee. Sorry, not my cuppa! Back to instant. Maxwell House had some nice instant.

But my family wanted a Keurig coffee maker, so–for the holidays this year–I bought one. The coffee that came with it was a Newman’s Own blend. Pretty bold and tasty (better than instant and quite a bit better than my memory of Mr. Coffee). I recently ordered this through Amazon. It is not quite as bold as the Newman’s Own k-cup coffee. But it does have a smooth taste that starts the day off nicely. So, I have encountered two good coffees for the Keurig coffee maker!

HildredSavoy, IL

Great coffee but very pricey

Ordered this product without reading what i was getting … dumb on my part.
My wife loves Nantucket Blend. I mistakenly thought this was for 2 boxes of 24 k-cups because of the price.
Much cheaper to pick this great product up at Kohls or Bed Bath and Beyond if you have access to them.
VincenzoHohenwald, TN

Underroasted and weak but not sour

We got a box of this along with our Keurig brewer from Costco. We have three coffee drinkers in the house and all of us are fond of strong, dark-roasted coffee. This blend is underroasted and weak. The one good point is that it isn’t as sour as most cinnamon roasts are. We ended up throwing out half the box because I couldn’t get anybody to drink it.

If you’re a fan of very mild medium-roasts you’ll probably enjoy this. If you like coffee strong and dark with some body to it you’ll hate it.

DebroahFountain, CO


Very good coffee, not too bold, but rich. Took a long time to ship, so order early!
ShakiraRiverton, CT

why this price?

Why is this so expensive at amazon? I can buy it locally in a variety of stores for between $10 and $13.
JenniferSeneca, MI

Delicious coffee, wish they were recyclable

I love me some kcups, especially these delicious Green Mountain Nantucket Blends. However, there needs to be a recycling plan put into place, and quick! Every time I use one of these, I feel bad (until I taste the coffee, then all concerns are washed away…)
BenitoDouglas, MI

A good price If you cannot buy local

Buying K-Cups appears to take more math & literacy skills than most people seem to have. People keep comparing the price of different boxes without accounting for the cup-count. The trick is to comparison shop the price per-Kcup because the boxes vary from 18 count boxes to 24 count boxes…eight more cups makes a difference. This a a fair deal in my opinion since you get two 24 count boxes, and it is shipped to your door.
LashonGuayanilla, PR

A very nice, full flavored medium roast coffee

I prefer deep, dark roasted coffees but many people don’t. My mother used standard household blends such as Folger’s for many years. When she received her Keuring machine she started to experiment with other brands and blends. She occasionally drinks a flavored coffee but this has become her favorite. I get her a couple of boxes a month and she loves it. I have tried it and here is my take on this blend:

The body (or “mouth-feel”) is light to medium. The acidity is medium-low so it won’t have too much of a bite, especially of you use cream. The flavor is surprisingly complex with some spice (maybe cardamom or anise and a little pepper) as well as a rich coffee finish. This will not replace my favorite dark roasts but I will keep it on hand for those guests who find a “Starbucks-type” of coffee too strong or bitter. If you, like my mother, enjoy a “regular” blend I don’t think that it get’s better than this.

RosariaHutsonville, IL


This is the best one I’ve tried from Keurig, not too strong, with a very creamy taste. You can’t go wrong with this one.
SungChestertown, MD

Good coffee

The coffee is a nice deep blend. The price, however; is high considering many retail stores are now carrying this brand for cheaper and no shipping. I will continue to buy this brand of coffee however I will no longer purchase it on line.
WalterSouth Rockwood, MI

Great coffee but k-cups are becoming a luxury!

Coffee is great, delivery was great BUT k-cups are quickly becoming a luxury.
Now that many of us know what we like, the price of the k-cups is through the roof. I know the price of coffee is way up, but at .62c cup, or $60/month for at-home coffee (about the lowest I’ve been able to find for k-cups), this 3-4 cup a day user is likely to be filling her little make-your-own-k-cup device far more often.
DanWatsontown, PA

Great tasting coffee

Just got this coffee in the mail today, it arrived early on the estimated delivery date. I am currently drinking a cup and its smooth and goes down easy not really acidic. I use half and half and splenda but I was be good with just cream,milk,half and half etc no sugar or sweetener needed. 48 cups for the price is a little much considering there are places that sell 96 for 51$ also you have to factor in the cost of shipping. If your looking for K-cups in bulk try otherwise this is fine.
OnaEstillfork, AL


I have not found a bad “Keurig” coffee version yet. This one included. Since receiving my machine I have been to Starbucks..maybe twice since the beginning of January. I used to go 5X a week. My husband is LOVING this gift, Starbucks is not.
JoanPorter, MN

Grn Mountain Nantucket blemd

So far this is the very best coofee I have had with the new Keurig. The blend is just perfect for the first cup of coffee in the morning. Since I had gotten this my son is now serving his family the same brand and flavor. ust the right strength as it is not to weak and not to strong. Perfect and very enjoyable cup each time.
GeorginaSchell City, MO

green mountain coffee nantucket

This is one our favorite coffees. We buy this over and over. It is a good strong coffee. I recommend it to everyone I know.
NumbersSanta Cruz, CA