Green Mountain Coffee Lake & Lodge 120 K-Cups

The flavors of this rich, darker roast blend reflect hearty West Coast style roasts. Dark roasted Indonesian coffees offer bountiful sweetness and syrupy notes. A touch of East African beans adds an element of berry-hued brightness to the blend’s bold flavor foundations.

Quick facts

  • 120 k cup packs

Top reviews

Lake & Lodge K-cups

I was hooked from my first sip.

Liking my coffee strong, I tend towards the dark-roasted or bold K-cups. Having tried many different brands, I’ve come to appreciate Green Mountain the most. I had previously been consuming their Dark Magic K-cups, but Lake & Lodge is my new favorite. It has a nice, nutty flavor with being acidic or bitter and it is incredibly aromatic when it’s brewing.

LaritaBlairsville, PA