Green Mountain Coffee Medium Roast K-Cup for Keurig Brewers, Half-Caff Coffee

All the flavor, half the caffeine. Perfect when you want a little late-afternoon or evening pick-me-up without a sleepless night. K-cups are compatible with all Keurig brewers, and are also compatible with the new Keurig 2.0

Quick facts

  • Contains 96 K-Cups
  • All the flavor, half the caffeine
  • Trans fat, kosher and gluten free
  • K-Cup perfect for Keurig Single Cup Brewers
  • K-cups also compatible with new Keurig 2.0 Brewer

Top reviews

Darker than expected

I loved the flavor and strength of the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. Since the fully caffinated Breakfast Blend was not available on Amazon, I shopped for the next best thing. I thought it would be a great idea to purchase the 1/2 caff, and perhaps I would get the same great flavor, same milder coffee and quality as the regular Green Mountain I was used to (with half the caffine). WRONG. Although still a perfectly drinkable coffee, the 1/2 caff seems to be a darker roast and not nearly as mild as the fully caffinated Breakfast Blend. Actually tasted bitter, as compared to it’s fully caffinated counterpart. Priced well and free shipping as an Amazon Prime member, so that’s a plus. I won’t throw it out, but did go right out shopping for the Breakfast Blend I was used to. This box of Half-Caff will be for “emergency” use for me.
LashayVermontville, MI

Not the same Bold Flavor

I wish I hadn’t ordered so many, they aren’t the same bold flavor as the Nantucket Blend. It’s like making a cup of coffee and you didn’t put enough grounds in, kind of watered down. I will try adding a little instant with every cup.
TienWoodlake, CA


I received a smashed box that was barely taped shut. Upon opening, instead of receiving the usual, expected k- cups in wrapped boxes of 2 or 3 containing the individual k-cups, there were 50 individual servings thrown in the box. I counted them, so I did receive the amount ordered. But these cups look like they were discarded samples, all of them wrinkled, twisted, some with top punctured. Would you drink any of these? Highly disappointed, will not do further business with this vendor again. Time to order direct from Keurig.
JaneeOlney, IL

Not up to my coffee standards

This is only a little better than bad restaurant coffee. I’m very disapointed. I drink alot of coffee and have not found anything better than GM Double Black Diamond. Of course, that is fully cafinated.
LeslieNeosho, WI


Like all the coffee I’ve tasted for the Keurig this is pretty weak. Actually, this is some of the weakest. I suppose one could be polite and call it “subtle” but I’m not that person. It does provide just the right amount of caffeine I need for a late afternoon boost and still let me sleep at night so it does serve its purpose.
Is there any strong and complex coffee for this machine?
SofiaCressey, CA

Not strong enough in flavor

Its a personal taste but I like a darker brew. It tastes more like a restaurant coffee. I make it on the shorter cup setting but it’s really the darkness of the roast and not the coffee itself. If I had read a review that said this I would not have purchased it.
JaimieMount Calvary, WI

Great coffee

I am trying to decrease my caffeine intake and this coffee is perfect for it…it tastes great and still has a good amount of caffeine but not too much
JedDoctors Inlet, FL

Green Mountain Half Caff K Cups

Since we switched our coffee maker to the Krieg K Cup system recently, we have tried almost all the K Cups that are offered and my wife keeps coming back to the Green Mountain Half Caff K Cups. Its her favorite, so thats what we will keep ordering. Thanks Amazon, for the great service.
MathildaColbert, GA

Perfectly fine

I needed a half-caff coffee to use in my Keurig to get me thru the afternoon (but not keep me up all night). This coffee does do the job.

The only negative is a matter of my own taste. I MUCH prefer dark roasted coffee, and this is definitely light-to-medium. Tastes like Denny’s coffee. Just fine, not earth-shattering…

My very favorite K-cup coffee is Obsidian (by Caribou) – to get a sense of what I wished it tasted like!

JanyceGuttenberg, IA

Love this K-Cup flavor!

I’ve been percolating coffee for 30+ years. To me, there is nothing like a percolator for a really good, HOT cup of coffee. However, even though I only drank two cups per day, if I missed my morning java, I would get one of those ‘caffeine headaches;’ not very pleasant. So, about 10 years ago, I started mixing equal parts of regular and decaffeinated coffee, thus solving my problem; I could still get a little caffeine boost without the withdrawal. Then we got a Keurig at work, and while I really liked the convenience, I didn’t want to go back to 100% caffeineated coffee. I tried two different decaf K-Cup flavors and they were terrible. Then I heard about Half-Caff. It’s delicious; a perfect blend of caffeine & decaf, and dare I say, just as good as my percolated coffee, which I never imagined. Actually, I have to say its better because of the convenience. In short, because of Half-Caff, I bought a Keurig for my house, and Half-Caff is the only flavor K-Cup I use (I don’t like flavored coffee) Highly recommended! Well, gotta go have my coffee now…
LauriceTyler, AL

TP in Olympia

This coffee is ok, but I wish they could make a decaf and half caf that had the flavor of regular coffee. It sort of has a slight maple taste to it.
InesAllport, PA

Evening Coffee Drinker Again!

I am very pleased with my purchase of the Green Mountain coffee Half-Caff K- cups. They arrived in a very timely manner and the packaging was excellent. These K-Cups are a great alternative to caffeine free coffee. It has much more flavor, still not as good as regular coffee but now I can drink coffee in the evening and not worry about falling asleep when I go to bed. Great!
BeeKings Beach, CA

Good coffee half the caffeine

Good cup of coffee and less caffeine.
finally found one that I like and my guests like as well.
The price was also very good.
DestinyOcean Park, WA


A good 8oz cup of coffee. Rich and satisfying with only half the caffine. An option not particularly easy to find in retail stores.
CherrylArvin, CA

Bulk k-Cups

This is the best way to buy coffee for my office. Least expensive way to buy convenience with harder to find flavor and brand. I also buy this way for home.
WavaColumbia Cross Roads, PA


Great coffee! Love all Green Mountain coffee and all the wonderful flavors. Would and do recommend this coffee to all my friends.
MendyFort Eustis, VA

Love Green Mountain Hal Cafe

If you must cut down on caffeine as I did, you will enjoy the wonderful full flavor of Green Mountain Half Cafe
MarenMillersview, TX

Enjoy this product

I like this product. Half Caff fixes the dilemma of too much caffeine with great taste. Product came in a timely manner and in excellent condition.
YonRiverside, CT


This is a wonderful cup of coffee. I usually drink my favorite full-bodied blend in the am, but I have a cup of this as a follow up, to get some great flavor but less caffeine. Love it!
JerrodLa Junta, CO

Green Mt Keurig, Half Caf

Flavor is fairly good. I got this because sometimes full caf, regular coffee is too much. This works great and I don’t get the over-caffinated feeling. Will definately buy again.
OmaBolivar, PA

Surprisingly good

I recently purchased the Caribou k-cups and this coffee came along with it. While I don’t like it as well as the Caribou, it’s not a bad tasting coffee. It’s a very smooth coffee with no bitter aftertaste. And surprisingly I cannot tell that it only has half the caffeine. I usually get a headache if I don’t get enough caffeine in the morning. I got no headache or any other side-effects from caffeine withdrawal. I will probably purchase this in the future.
BeckyRochdale, MA

Watered down tasting

I have no choice but to drink “half caff” since my stomach does not deal well with full caff anymore. So this is the only half caff product I could find. Honestly, it tastes very watered down. I don’t like it but have no choice. It’s either this, or no coffee at all. Please make it stronger. Thank you.
NelliePescadero, CA


I normally drink half-caff and am very pleased with it, but after trying a sample of the Tully’s French Roast decaf that came in a variety pack, I was truly AMAZED at the flavor. I anticipated it being bland, not much taste but I was sooo wrong. The flavor is so rich and robust that a couple times I checked the box to confirm it was actually decaffinated! Although I will continue to drink the half-caf, this product has taken the #1 spot on my coffee list!
KathrinScappoose, OR

Green mountain is the best

Love the half caff k cups. I like the auto delivery plan. This way I never run out of them
SimonStanberry, MO

Half Caff rules

This is our Keurig coffee ‘go to’ blend for most mugs of coffee. That’s why we ordered the 50 count box. It’s flavor is balanced enough to enjoy hot or over ice.
CharlesOvapa, WV

Hard to find but worth it

I see K-cups everywhere but not these. Found them once a while ago and haven’t been able to replenish till now. I love these because although i am a coffee fiend (they did a blood test a while ago and found 90% coffee) I want to have these when I only need one cup and really don’t want to be anything more than semi-concious. They are great for people who get the shakes from coffee also. I prefer really brewed pots of coffee but these are a great substitute when I only have time for a cup and really need to get back to sleep in a couple of hours. Great taste, expensive like all K cups but not bad if you only drink a couple of cups. Well worth keeping on hand.
LynCuddy, PA

Great Coffee

Half caff makes a great cup of coffee at home in our Keurig – it is somewhat expensive for making coffee at home. The consistency makes it worthwhile.
RobertoBlue Grass, VA

Coffee at a reasonable price

I will only buy coffe for my Kurig from Amazon.
The product is always consistent in quality and taste. I have bought k-cup coffe through Amazon. You can not beat the price nor the efficiency in delivery.
HeathDeer Creek, MN

Excellent taste

Got for my fiance and she loves the taste, and the half calf is much easier for her to handle than a full caff, and it doesn’t make her fall back to sleep like the decaf does.

Before switching to half caff she was drinking Dark Magic, so if you want so switch to half caff from that, this might be a good one to try.

CatherinaChamberlain, ME

1/2 1/2

This coffee is perfect for those that was some decaf and some regular coffee and is popular with friends and a good item to have ready to serve guests
CarlPisgah, IA