Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend, Vue Cups for Keurig Vue Brewers

Full, hearty, and distinctively complex. This coffee is certified fair trade. Vue pack coffee.

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Iced Coffee is perfect–might make the VUE even more fun

Iced coffee is something I enjoy. I like it black, no milk or at most a small splash. No sugar. So for me, this is a good, low calorie choice, and it’s a great choice for hot mornings in the summer, sipping it for my a.m. caffeine “fix” on my way to work. And I like it on the weekends instead of hot coffee as well.

The Nantucket Iced Blend works REALLY well in the Keurig Vue. The Vue is a new version of the Keurig single cup coffee machine, and it has a bunch of new features compared to the current K-cup machines (and by the way, you can get this iced blend in K-cups.) The Vue lets you choose an iced setting that is at an ideal temperature for brewing, and lets you adjust volume for your desired strength. You can also brew it stronger. The Vue does NOT use K-cups. It uses the Vue cup which is recyclable.

The instructions:
Fill a 16 oz NON-GLASS (important!) mug with ice
Set the Vue to Iced Beverage, put in the Vue cup
Choose 6 oz (optimum for over-ice, but you can opt for weaker)
Choose Strong (again, the ice dilutes it.)

Why no glass? The addition of hot liquids into a chilled, icy glass can cause your glass to break. I brewed in a ceramic mug, but a metal insulated travel mug is another option.

Stronger? Well, the ice dilutes the coffee a lot, so even if you like a light brew, you might find either a lower volume or a stronger brew would be ideal for your tastes. I preferred 6 oz and STRONG setting and got a cup brewed directly onto ice that tastes great. Either way, you can customize the settings on the Vue to make your iced coffee the way you like it.

This Vue cup is longer (holding more coffee) to allow for a stronger blend, but there is no reason you can’t brew another blend over ice using the ICED BEVERAGE setting. But the Nantucket blend tastes really just right, in my opinion. Excellent!

FabiolaStevens Village, AK

Favorite so far

This is my favorite vue cup so far, AND I’ve never been an iced coffee drinker before. The few I have had in the past I used cream and sugar in them. With this blend I just use a little 1/2 n 1/2 and it is delicious and refreshing. Some of the cups I’ve tried have a little after taste twang to them. Not this one. Love it!
LeoniaMaple Heights, OH