Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve Coffee For Keurig K-Cup Brewing Systems 108 Count

Sumatra is one of the world’s more exotic coffee destinations… and populated by people of great character. Sumatran coffees tend to show tremendous character, too, and this is no exception. Green Mountain’s roast is deep and deliciously dark, offering a sweet palate of brown sugar and spice notes. Look for lots of body in this big, bold K-Cup coffee. Each of the six boxes come packed with 18 K-Cups that can be used with any style or model of Keurig brewing machines. The Keurig single-cup brewing system uses a special packaging for coffee, tea and hot cocoa called K-Cup portion packs or “K-Cups”. Each K-Cup is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, moisture and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor. Simply insert the no mess K-Cup into the brewer and hit the brew button for a fresh-brewed, perfect cup of coffee or tea in under a minute.

Quick facts

  • 108 Count Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee Keurig K-Cups
  • Fair trade and organic certified
  • Each of the 6 boxes contains 18 K-Cups
  • No mess design protects from air, light and moisture
  • Each K-Cup brews perfect individual servings

Top reviews

Favorite flavor

This is my favorite flavor for the Keurig. Very dark, rich flavor(but not a burnt flavor). Just smelling it would put me in a better mood. Highly recommend.
MatildeJersey, VA

Sumatra Reserve coffee for Keurig Brewing System

Excellent product and I appreciate getting the quanity as I am supplying the coffee maker at work…it goes fast and allows our section to not leave the department to get coffee. Sumatra reserve is an excellent bold flavor for a hard core coffee drinker, plus the Keurig brewing system preserves the favor.

As long as it is offered I will continue to purchase it this way.

KasiMillfield, OH

Very Bold Coffee – Highly Recommended!

Green Mountain “Sumatran Reserve (Extra Bold)” K-Cups makes a very good cup of coffee in my Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System. This is a very strong tasting brew that has much more flavor and kick than the Coffee People, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] I generally drink in the morning.

While I really enjoy this coffee, my wife finds it too strong and bitter for her liking. She prefers Emeril’s Big Easy Bold Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2) made on the machine’s “large” cup setting for her “Bold” coffee.

Highly Recommended!


ArdellSearsport, ME