Green Peppercorn Mustard Fallot French Dijon Mustard 7 oz, Three

The Fallot family has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for exceptional quality, since 1840. The Mustards are made in Beaune, France near Dijon, where seeds are selected for their high quality and are then ground in a traditional stone mill. Fabulous on omelets or chicken, a French mustard flavored with Peppercorns7 oz.

Quick facts

  • Traditional Dijon Mustard
  • The best mustard for salad dressing
  • All natural, no artificial flavoring
  • Use on meats, vegetables, salads
  • Imported from France

Top reviews

Makes every sandwich + burger taste better

On a trip to Paris we visited the Maille store. They have hundreds (or more?) of different flavors of Dijon mustard. We selected a few in the smaller bottles and 2 or 3 “poivre vert” in the normal size. All were wonderful but we quickly realized just how lucky it was that we brought home so many of the poivre vert – Dijon with green peppercorn.

It’s difficult to explain why – except as a base for my families favorite salad dressing, I’m not a big fan of plain Dijon mustard – but this combo makes an amazing mustard.

At first we used it on turkey burgers. We rarely eat beef and until we found this mustard, felt as though we were sacrificing every time we had a turkey burger. Now it is one of our most favorite foods. Combined with a slice of red onion, the green peppercorn mustard just makes the burger something unbelievably tasty!

We could not find any way to buy the Maille Poivre Vert mustard here in the States so when our Son and Daughter-in-law travelled to Paris we asked (begged) them to find the store and bring some home, which they did and we savored every drop.

This past Summer they visited France again only this time they brought back a bottle of Edmond Fallot ‘moutarde au poivre vert’ along with some of the Maille.

They told us they picked this up in the Dijon region of France (or town?) and fully expected we would like it better.

It is at least as wonderful as the Maille. We may not have a palate sophisticated enough to discern a difference between the two but THIS one is available (placing my first order today via Amazon) here in the US.

I am sure EVERYONE who enjoys a sandwich or a burger will love what this mustard adds to the flavor. It’s even great added to cheese and crackers!

TerisaBurlington, KS