Green Split Peas | Non-GMO Project Verified | 100% Non-Irradiated | Certified Kosher Parve | USA Grown |Identity Preserved

Buy Split Peas grown from the fertile soil of Washington State. The Mader family has been involved in agriculture for five generations. Our farm operations span across the south east part of Washington State and are headquartered in Pullman, WA. In 2001 we acted on an opportunity to add a grain and legume cleaning facility to our operation. Our Cleaning Facility, Palouse Trading is located in Palouse, WA – just a short drive from Pullman. Palouse Trading was originally named Wallace Grain and Pea when it first opened its doors in the 1930’s. The plant was designed for quality not quantity and has cleaned legumes and grains for the international market and domestic consumption. Our food is appealing to our consumers because of its nutrition, aesthetics and traceability to our farm. Each bag of food comes with a QR Code that allows you to see harvest details of your food, seeding dates, the field we grew it in, and more. All of our products are certified Kosher Parve, Non-GMO Project Certified and our farming methods are Certified Sustainable by the Food Alliance. Our foods are different because Steve & Kevin Mader plant, harvest, clean and package at our own facilities in Washington State – there are few if any companies that can track your food and details of your food back to the field like we do.

Quick facts

  • The worlds finest split peas – these are the tried and true beautiful Aragorn Variety – the best, greenest and most flavorful tasting green split peas you will ever find.
  • Field Traced (Identity Preserved) – each bag comes with a code you can enter on our website to identify the field we grew it in and harvest date.
  • We are proud of being Certified Kosher Parve, Non-GMO Project Verified, Food Alliance Certified and carrying the quality seal from the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council.
  • Our food products are NOT Irradiated (an accepted practice that exposes your food to radiation for sterilization).

Top reviews

Flavorful, Creamy & Smooth Split Pea Soup

If you struggled for years using store bought green split peas and have never been satisfied with your soup, struggle no more. For years I tried different recipes and was never satisfied with the end result because of the inferior product I was using. My green split pea soup has never been better now that I started using this company’s product. Palouse Brand’s product is hardy, tender, flavorful, creamy and smooth when cooked. There is no dissapointment here. This farming family knows how to delivery fresh!
MaximoSide Lake, MN

Comfort food at it’s best

I love split pea soup and these peas are so fresh and cook up so well. Can you buy cheaper split peas? Of course you can but they likely weren’t grown in the US and are probably a couple of years old. These peas are far superior to the bag of peas in the grocery store. These are grown in Washington, packaged in Washington and shipped from Washington. It is worth it to spend a little more for a far superior product!
MaureenOsterville, MA

As far as I can tell, these are very good split peas

I have made homemade split pea soup for many years. I recently resumed doing so after not for about a decade. I bought organic split peas at my local market, they were tasteless. Chicken broth was used to make that soup, too. But these split peas were much more flavorful. They cooked up much better as well, meaning that the first brand’s peas must have been old, bcs after an hour or more they were still tough. So, that tells me these are fresh, and superior.
CecilyZebulon, GA

tastes great

My husband complained that split peas didn’t have any taste anymore. He really likes these and said they taste like split peas used to taste. Seem to be very good quality.
ValMonette, AR

Delicious and heart warming.

These are delicious peas. I made about 6 crock pots of pea soup before the bag was finished. I hardly had to add any spices for it to taste delicious. Just some natural sea salt and a little brags amino acids. Plus I put in a few garlic cloves and it was so heart warming soup. Usually, with ordinary peas, you have to put bacon and other spices in to make it good. Not with these peas. They were delicious on their own. Also delivered timely. Thanks again.
HaeMethow, WA

Top Quality Dried Peas

I love making pea soups – all kinds. I received these peas a couple of days ago from Amazon and made my first batch of curry pea soup today. These peas are some of the cleanest and of the highest quality I’ve ever purchased. I always rinse and sort me legumes before I cook them and usually find something to sort out. Not with these. They where all beautiful and well formed with no trace of dirt, stems or any other debris. I’m very impressed. Oh, and they taste wonderful. I highly recommend you purchase them – in fact, purchase two so you qualify for Amazon’s free shipping!
RayfordWindsor, KY

The Best of the Best

It would be very hard to purchase any other brand of split peas after having had the pleasure of tasting these. Each pea is perfect; no imperfect ones to toss out. The final result is mouthwatering. I made a big pot, threw in some vegetables, and can barely keep myself away from having too much now and not enough left for another day.

And, being organic and GMO free, wrapped very carefully in gunny sack material inside a plastic bag, it is a healthful contributory to the diner, not a questionable one.

I’m really glad I discovered these split peas. I can’t imagine anything better.

EarnestineIlwaco, WA

full of flavor!

These are the best-tasting green splits I’ve ever had. I love creamy soups, split pea being one of my favorites, but it’s not usually easy to make a delicious creamy soup without adding some sort of meat flavoring (I don’t eat anything that used to have a face). These peas are delicious without having been cooked with any sort of meat/chicken-based flavorings. Nice and fresh-no more of those gray colored little things sold in plastic bags at the grocery store. These peas even smell fresh in the bag (which is a nice drawstring muslin).
CalvinDearborn, MI