Green Tea Goji Berry Pomegranate 20 Bags

“Juicy pomegranates and the unique, slightly tangy taste of nutritious Himalayan goji berries are a lively addition to our smooth blend of authentic green tea and delicate Bai Mu Dan white tea – one of the rarest and youngest of teas – in this refreshing brew.” – Charlie Baden, Celestial Seasonings Blendmaster Since 1975

Quick facts

  • 20 Bags
  • Serving Size: 1 tea bag
  • 20 Servings Per Container

Top reviews

Be advised of what you are getting

What I ordered was Celestial Seasonings Goji Berry Pomegranate Green Tea. What I received was Celestial Seasonings Pomegranate Green Tea. Celestial Seasonings has changed the formula by removing the Goji berrys. The online advertisements are misleading. I decided to keep the tea anyway although it is not as good.
MilagroJessie, ND