GreenDog Naturals Healthy Motion Powder, 150-Grams

Healthy motion powder:supports joint function and eases discomfort associated with normal exercise.

Quick facts

  • Glucosamine msm and green lippid mussel help support structural integrity of joints and connective tissues
  • Proprietary joint comfort blend acts quickly to help supporrt structural integrity of joints and connective tissues
  • Ocean-source omegas essential to everyday health, strong muscles and healthy joints

Top reviews

Gave My Dogs an Extra Boost in Their Steps

I have a ten-ish (I think he was older then what the adoption place said he was) Chihuahua who I like to joke sleeps twenty-three hours a day, getting up to eat and go for bi-daily walks which he rarely has problems trotting along for except for when the temperature drops below freezing. I also have a five year old poodle mix that is fairly active. As directed, I sprinkled the recommended dosage (about a teaspoon each) on their dinners and both ate it up with no hesitation. The powder has a nice cinnamon type smell to it. Almost instantly I noticed both dogs have a bit more energy than usual post dinner, roaming around and engaging me in a game of tug before their nightly naps. In all, I used up one can in about a month and a half using it daily at dinner for both my dogs.
AlizaCharlotte, TN

NO CRAP fillers or junk ingredients AND Made in USA

One jar is a 30-60 day supply for your dog. 60 days if your dog is 25lbs or less. The instructions give weight ranges from dogs under 10lbs to over 75lbs. It says for maximum benefit to double usage the first 4-6 weeks. For freshness after opening, keep in the refrigerator. No fillers, sugar, artificial colors, preservatives, sodium, wheat, corn or soy.

This powder comes in a plastic jar that is halfway full — not sure if it settled during shipping but it’s always a disappointment to open something (like potato chip bags) and find it’s not quite full. Despite my initial impression, it seems that this is a really good product. It is made by the same company that makes the vitamins that I take myself.

My dog didn’t seem to interested in it — he sniffed it and walked away and then came back later and ate his food. It says it’s salmon flavor but it smells a little chocolate-y to me.

I’ve used other treat type supplements and my dog gets really gassy. I’m hoping this is more gentle on his stomach. I’ll update after we’ve used this product for a while.

AmaliaPenney Farms, FL

Green Glucoasamine Product To Support Dog’s Joints

My family has an eight year old Yorkie who has experienced significant joint problems in both his shoulders and hips. He is used to eating glucosamine treats to help alleviate these issues but these treats have to be broken in to several pieces for him because of his small size (6 pounds). This “motion” powder can be sprinkled on the dog’s food and a teaspoonful is the serving size for small dogs (under ten pounds). A disadvantage to me of this product is it has to be refrigerated after opening and our dog’s eating area is a long way from the kitchen. Our dog did readily eat the stuff when mixed with his regular food but I think he still prefers the glucosamine he has been receiving in the forms of treats for the last few years.
EmilieTraskwood, AR

Good Stuff

GreenDog Naturals is a quality source of highly effective joint maintenance ingredients. First, they are organic, which is extremely important to me. I don’t want to give my dog products that are grown using pesticides and junk soil filled with manufactured fertilizers. I appreciate the care that GreenDog Naturals put into this aspect. Also, I love the ingredients as a whole. I use most of them myself and as a massage therapist, recommend these same ingredients to my clients. It has a great Ocean-sourced Omega blend of wild salmon, cod and tuna. Antioxidants of algae and spirulina with alfalfa as well as Glucosamine HCI. There is some cinnamon, clove and flax for digestion and inflammation reduction as well as bromelain and stinging nettle. Love this stuff. A tsp. for my 28 lb French Bulldog mixed with his fresh food and he is set to go! A+ stuff!!
MyrtisLa Marque, TX

Easy to use

I was giving my pug glucosamine pills, broken in half with his food, so that he won’t develop joint problems in the future. Sometimes he favors one leg. This product is easier, just sprinkle on his food. He seems to like it.
AkikoDunreith, IN

Good Ingredients; Jack Russell loves it.

My dog absolutely devoured his food with this on it. This product contains just about every known ingredient available for joint health. In case you are like me, and want to know what’s in your pet’s products, here’s the list (amounts are per serving, 60 servings per container):

Glucosamine (from shellfish), 500 mg.
Algae from spirulina & alfalfa, 285 mg.
MSM, 250 mg.
Herbal blend: Meadowsweet, Stinging Nettle, Ginger, Turmeric, & Bromelain (the bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme) concentrated 210 mg,(1100 mg crude herb equivalent)
Green Mussel extract, 100 mg.
Omega blend from wild salmon, cod, and tuna oil, 75 mg.
Inactive ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, sweet salmon flavor, flax, silica, barley malt.

If you have done any research into these ingredients you know that it’s a great combination. I can’t tell you how effective it is, because I got it for prevention rather than treatment. My Jack Russel Terrier just reached senior status in dog years and I want him to keep his joints healthy!

And now I’ll get to what I feel is an important consideration….My main reason for giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is because there is a statement on the label that says “For use in dogs only”. I don’t like to give my dog anything unless it is fit for human consumption (I order his dog food online). The ‘for dogs only’ statement makes me wonder if the omegas 3’s are processed properly, and if the flax is fresh (it becomes rancid easily). These are things even humans need to be aware of when shopping in a health food store. I’ll give this product the benefit of the doubt since my dog loves it so much, but that statement is an eyebrow raiser for me.
Oh, one more thing…as the jar says, turmeric can be a little hard on the stomach, so make sure you give with food then watch your dog for signs of stomach discomfort. Most dogs should be able to tolerate it. It is a Great anti-inflammatory & has numerous other health benefits. (google it!)

DongAvoca, MN

Healthy Motion Powder

I have an eleven year old Labrador retriever that weighs about 65 pounds and we administered 1 ½ tablespoons a day.
He has hip problems, and spends a lot more time just laying down than he used to.

The container is half full after opening and it smells like a light grassy herbal tea and the powder looks like dirt.
The flavor is salmon which my dog was not too happy about. When I sprinkle it on his food, he mournfully looks up at me as if to say “I don’t know what I did, but I am SO sorry. Why are you ruining my food?” He will stare at his food for several minutes and walk by the cats and “ask” if they are finished yet. Eventually, he’ll give in and eat his own food – which is good because I have seen results.

I’ve noticed that he has a bit more pep in his step. He seems happier and doesn’t lie down as much. This was especially noticeable on bath day. When it’s time for his bath (and he ALWAYS knows) he won’t come when I call. He’ll just lay there and stare at me with bleary eyes – even if I slide his motionless body all the way to door, like he’s Ghandi or something. After a few weeks of motion powder, he came trotting along – ready for bath time.

And instead morosely marching onto the driveway, ready for his walk, he comes galumphing out of the house and will even run around the block for a bit (which he hasn’t done in years). If only they made this stuff in a more palatable flavor. What kind of dog eats salmon? It should be chicken, liver or beef flavored instead. I also think it would be better if it came with a scoop and in pellet form because the powder would fall to the bottom of the bowl. I think my dog would enjoy this with his food more.

Despite my glowing praise – this is NOT some fountain of youth for your dog. My dog still tires quickly and still loves laying around. However, I think it makes the little things in his life a bit easier for him. And after all, it’s the little things in life that matter.

EvitaKimball, SD

My Dogs LOVE the Flavor – And It Works

I have a 7 year-old Border Collie mix, Abbey, who has arthritic knees. She had bilateral arthroscopic knee surgery about a year and a half ago to remove broken bone fragments in her joints. Our vet instructed me to give her an oral glucosamine supplement for the rest of her life. Abbey also gets a glucosamine injection, Adequan, every other week. My vet allows me to administer it myself (at home) to save on vet bills.

The injection turned out to be the simple part. Abbey hated the glucosamine supplement we got from our vet. I had to wrap it in cheese or something, and she usually spit it out once or twice before it went down. She tends to be a little overweight, so the added calories from cheese and other disguises were a negative. I tried several different brands of glucosamine tablets, and she refused every one.

A couple of months ago, my local Petco had a close-out sale on Healthy Motion, so I thought we’d give it try. I opened it and immediately noticed the spicy scent. It smells kind of like Indian food spices. To my great surprise, Abbey and two other dogs came looking before I opened their wet food. It turns out that three of my four dogs PREFER the Healthy Motion-sprinkled food to their otherwise identical wet & dry mixed dinner.

It works! After using it for 2-3 weeks, I noticed that Abbey has more energy and is moving better. Finally, something that is both effective and palatable to her. She looks forward to it and licks up every speck.

RosinaHayward, WI

highly recommend

My 10-yr old Golden Retriever had been having arthritis problems in his front leg. He’s been on the Healthy Motion chewables for about a month now and I’ve seen a noticable difference. No limping and an extra pep in his step! I highly recommend this product for senior pets!
EvangelineNew Palestine, IN

Less gas too.

I give this to my greyhound. He doesn’t need it yet but it does help his joints. However the added bonus is that he doesn’t have as much gas, and he really has a lot of gas.
BambiNorwood, LA

The dogs love it

My wife and I have 13 dogs, half of whom are older, and several of whom have severe arthritis. While my wife, who is a pet nutritionist, likes the ingredients, she doesn’t like the price. That’s why I had to give GreenDog Naturals four instead of five stars. If you can afford it, this powder seems to appeal when mixed with your dog’s normal food. It also seems to help our older dogs move better after several weeks of use.
TennilleEdgerton, OH

Great results, a little inconvenient

My 7 year old Lab has had some hip issues the last year and this powder seems to have helped with her mobility. She really doesn’t like the taste of it, she eats her food with the powder on it almost begrudgingly. I’ve noticed since we started using this powder that she seems more active and playful then she had been in the months prior.
That being said, the powder is inconvenient and a bit messy, not to mention the fact that my dog doesn’t enjoy it. If this were in a tablet or even liquid (like a tincture) form, it would be a five star review.
JosephGratiot, WI

Some improvement.

My older dog seems to have gained some benefit from this product, and I have had no problem getting her to take it (just mix it with the food). She seems to hesitate less when moving, especially when getting up from a prone (laying down, sitting) position. It may not be a miracle cure, but I am happy to report that it has brought a decent measure of comfort to my best friend.
PamulaGoessel, KS

Helping my 9 year old lab mix with arthritis

Great product that I really cant say enough about. One of my dogs has just turned nine and she sometimes is very stiff and sore when she gets up from her naps. After a month on Healthy Motion see is in noticeably less pain and she has resumed running herself silly outside again. Im so glad that the Vine program introduced me to this product.

When the Healthy Motion ran out I decided to order the tablet version. Same dosages of all the ingredients but much easier to mix with her dry food. Here is a link to the tablets I am using now: Greendog Naturals Heathy Motion, Natural Chicken Flavor, 60 Chewable Tablets

BrianHillsboro, IL


To be honest my dog didn’t mins the taste of the supplement but my vet advised to discontinue use die to lack of benefit and gave me something better.
TalithaWest Liberty, KY

Dog doesn’t mind the taste, haven’t noticed a huge change.

I have a 20# Boston Terrier (a breed known for knee joint issues) so I thought this would be a good product to try with her. Unfortunately, after using for over a month, I haven’t seen any specific and obvious improvements. However, to be honest, she wasn’t currently experiencing any issues when I started her on the powder, so I am using it as preventative care. She doesn’t seem to mind the taste at all and even though it’s going on dry food, she still manages to ingest most of it. I use it probably 4-5 times a week and have been giving her 1 tsp a time and we still have quite a bit of the powder left…so for us it’s not that bad of a deal. We will probably buy continue buying it off and on as she gets older and/or has actual knee issues (which come and go with her level of activity).
StacyBlodgett, MO

fabulous product with continuous use.

This is one of the few products I have found with green lipped mussel that really works to soothe my dogs arthritis. I have noticed even more benefits with prolonged use.
MarcellaRockport, IN

We saw some improvements

We gave this product to a 5 year old Golden Retriever who has hip joint issues. We gave it to her for 2 weeks. We saw some improvements in her ability to get up more quickly after lying down as well as being able to jump onto the bed again. Before taking these supplement she really could not do either one of these things. I will continue to give this to her and give you an update on her after a few more weeks.
MohammedCovel, WV

Easy to feed and seems to work

I’ve got a large overweight lab who’s getting older and starting to have some hip problems.
We’ve given him baby aspirin and potassium gluconate which helps take the edge off.

Since we’ve been adding the Motion Powder to his food, we haven’t seen any limping. That’s a good thing.

You just pour some of the green powder over the food. Apparently the taste is okay because there’s no problem with him eating it. You cannot mix it however because it makes it’s way to the bottom of the bowl and sticks.

Seems to me this is a pretty good product.

Thank you.

DaniellParadis, LA

Put the step back in my senior dog

I have given this to my senior (10+) Shepherd/beagle mix for several weeks now and noticed a definite improvement in the way she is moving. She has an old ACL injury that has previously made it difficult for her to get up stairs or jump on a chair (yes, she is spoiled). I mix it with her food at night and it either tastes good, or has little taste, as she is a bit finicky and has had no problem eating it. She is definitely stepping more lively. When this jar is gone, I will buy some more.
MiCerrillos, NM

Worth a try for older dogs

I have a 75lb, 10 year old Doberman-Weimaraner mix. He’s been having slight joint issues that I’ve noticed lately. He’s stiff walking around, having a bit of difficulty with the stairs & getting into the car.

The main draw for me was the Glucosamine. I’ve been looking for a product safe to give a dog for the while and liked the sound of GreenDog. I’ve been sprinkling 1 teaspoon on his food once a day for the past two weeks. (The directions list a bit more for his size, but I’d rather err on the side of caution.) It’s difficult to say how effective a product is from only two weeks of use, but he doesn’t seem to mind it on his food. He doesn’t go crazy for it either; rather he seems to not mind either way.

I was very surprised by the very herb-y smell! I almost hesitated to give it to him (it certainly smells more like human food than dog food) & took another look at the ingredients.
The ingredients listed:
Gluosamine HCI (shellfish source)
Proprietary Organic Antioxidant Blend (organic algae meal, organic alfalfa)
Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
Proprietary Joint Comfort Blend (Meadowsweet, Bromelain, Stinging Nettle tops, Ginger, Tumeric
Green Lipped Mussel Extract
Proprietary Ocean-source Omega Blend
(Wild salmon, cod, tuna oil)
Inactive ingredients (Cinnamon, cloves, natural sweet salmon flavor, organic flax, silica, sprouted barley malt)

He’s seemed a bit more playful lately. Though I’m not positive this was a result of the GreenDog Motion Powder I’m certainly not ruling it out. Overall, I will recommend this to friends with older dogs. I do encourage anyone to consult their veterinarian of course. If he shows improvement I’m more than happy to order more of the Motion Powder.

JunitaKempner, TX

Nutritionally Sound

I received this product in return for writing a review.

I appreciated the ingredients of this formulation, which are great for overall health as well as bone/joint health. I am not a nutrition expert but I am somewhat knowledgeable and though the nutritional requirements might be different in some ways, dogs are mammals.

One reviewer stated that it doesn’t work well with dry food and I wholeheartedly agree. It falls to the bottom rapidly.

Now, I feed my dogs organic dog food (since they could eat solid food and they are 12 and 11. My dogs love vegetables, so I conducted a test. I dusted a vegetable with the powder. Yorkie #1 didn’t know what to think and spit the veggie out but immediately after “contemplating” the taste and she returned to broccoli and ate the entire piece. Yorkie #2 didn’t pause once she got her broccoli with the powder.

Next, I offered two identically sized broccoli pieces one dusted with the powder and one without powder. Yorkie #1 ate the coated one first. Yorkie #2 went for the uncoated piece first. Considering that they are a bit picky but absolutely love fruits and vegetables, if they didn’t want to eat this food, I believe both would leave the coated piece behind.

I do believe that this is not “candy” but has some appeal.

However, that said, it doesn’t coat even wet vegetables well.

I would consider buying the drops for regular use but I would definitely need to observe a noticeable improvement in their well being to justify the cost.

TaiWest Hatfield, MA

A Healthier Alternative For Your Dog’s Joints

My dog is getting old and is just starting to have some difficulties with his hips. I’ve tried other products for dogs containing glucosamine, but wasn’t very happy about the animal products in them, because I know too much about where those animal products come from and how they’re processed, and prefer not to feed them to my dog. (One reviewer of this product, wishing for a chicken or beef flavor, asked, “What kind of dog eats salmon?” The answer: mine, every day. He loves it,and for twelve years old he’s pretty darn healthy.)

Unlike some of the dogs mentioned in other reviews, my dog loves the flavor of this. The ingredients are exceptionally well thought out–they’re not fillers. For example, ginger and turmeric are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, but dogs may not particularly like them in their raw form. Omega-3 fatty acids are also effective.

Does it help? After two weeks, I’d say maybe; since my dog doesn’t have a major problem, any change wouldn’t likely be dramatic, but he doesn’t seem quite so creaky.

For a larger dog, the product, while reasonably priced considering the ingredients, can get a little pricey if you expect to use it consistently, and I believe with this type of supplement that’s what you’ll have to do if you want to get results and keep them. This 150-gram size will only last a few weeks. But I haven’t found a better product of this type.

HangLyndora, PA

Not the greatest :\

I disliked the packaging and lack of information on the product itself and had to go hunting around the internet to find more information on how to administer/feed it to my dog. Powders are generally inconvenient and this powder is no exception. If they made it in a chew or tablet it would be easier to administer and less messy. Purely on the sake of time, I won’t continue to feed it to my dog on a regular basis. I’m all about preventative care (as he is still somewhat young) but the hassle of the powder isn’t worth my time.
JeniChadbourn, NC

Really seem to help

My in-laws have an older dog and she has trouble getting around. We tried this to see if it would help and it really seems to help her mobility and she has been going on longer walks with the kids again!
PhuongLahmansville, WV

get the pills if you feed your dog dry dog food

I can’t tell if this works or not, so I’m giving it three stars for the fact that I have to review it, but it’s the wrong type to feed my dog who eats dry dog food. It doesn’t cling, it falls to the bottom of the bowl and she picks through her food as she’s an oldie and nibbles at her food. I could switch to wet food to get her to eat it, but I’m just going to go back to the pills. The glucosamine pills and the doggy cox2 inhibitor she takes have changed her life. She’s old, so that’s saying something. If you feed your dog canned/wet food this might be a good choice, but if it’s dry food and they don’t wolf it down, it defeats the purpose. Wish I could say more.But my final thought on this is that something in the product description should recommend this for wet dog food.
LouisSaint Leo, FL

157 pound Mammoth Lab got joyfully giddy at first taste

To say Doogan likes this product is an understatement. It must have been the salmon flavor but we had 157 pounds of happy nose, happy feet and happy tail when GreenDog naturals Healthy Motion Powder was added to the food dish. Our Vet said that with a dog this big, who is getting up there in years, the addition of Glucosamine to the diet is a good way to insure ease of motion to the old joints. Of course the prospect of giving a dog a medication always instills terror in the hearts of well meaning pet owners. Giving medicine to an animal that has the power to pick you up and carry you off to the next county can be quite a feat – but – “HE LIKES IT” – yes, he really, really likes it.

The only reason that this product did not get a 5 star rating is that upon opening the box the label fell off & got tangled with the packaging & torn. This is not a good thing when you need to read the instructions and safety information.

All in all I’d say this was a 2 thumbs up product but since dogs do not have thumbs it will get the 2 tails up award.

LatinaShoshone, ID

Visible difference in our dog’s comfort

We have an 8 year old Great Pyrenees who was showing signs of age, especially when she had to sit down. She sat down very slowly and carefully because of hip/back leg pain. We’ve used the chewable tables in the past and sometimes these wouldn’t be eaten, even though they were hidden in the food. The powder has wored much better as we can mix it in more thoroughly. As far as effectiveness, our dog seems to be more active and more able to use her back legs/hip for getting up and down. She seems more youthful, so this is definintely worth a try.
DollieShingletown, CA

Good stuff!

I like this, our dog likes it on her food also. She seems to eat her meals more readily with this stuff sprinkled on. It has good, quality ingredients.

However, the only reason I give it four stars is it makes a bit of a mess. Opening and closing the container, there’s no way to keep the powder from sticking to the sides, the lid, etc. It gets on the counter, on the floor, and I try to keep it as neat as possible! For the hassle, it loses a star. I think I’d prefer a chewable variety. Those are easier, with less mess.

But other than that, my dog likes it, so that’s what matters most!

ShereeHarvey, IL

Ummm, I Don’t Know…

My 2-year old dog was born with a malformed ball & socket in her hip. As a result, she has a hard time standing up after running and playing. Eventually this will become hip displacia. Our vet recommended we start her on a glucosamine supplement. I tried giving her this supplement but she’s not too crazy about it. I mix it in her food but I can tell she doesn’t really like it. I don’t care for the STRONG cinnamon smell so maybe that is off-putting to her. I will continue to give it to her in the hopes that it will help her but I really wish the smell was different.
NicolleTriangle, VA