Grow A Head

Coconut fiber heads that grow hair/grass when watered. Each Grow-A-Head is handmade and will vary slightly. Let us choose for you! Comes with 1 blank and 8 pre-printed stickers that can be affixed to hand, stick and sign (included). A card and gift – all in one! Individual “Grow-A-Head” unit contains: One head Glass bowl Instruction sheet on how to grow head Educational information and hair/grass styling guide A hand, stick and sign along with one blank sticker and 8 pre-printed stickers including: Happy Birthday, Congrats, Thank You, Hello, Get Well Soon, I Love You, You’re the Best, Hi my name is______. Choose one of our enclosed stickers and affix it to the sign. Grow-A-Head Greetings becomes both a card and a gift – all in one! Grass will sprout quickly, usually within 5-7 days. Head will continue to grow for approximately 2 months if watered and styled. Product will grow in office light or in indirect sunlight.

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Top reviews

silly and fun for the kid w/ a green thumb

Grass seeds spout and grow into hair. My daughter likes to wath it grow long then give it a “haircut”.
LienWilson, LA

Cute and Fun!

The “hair” sprouts very quickly and it really brightens up a table or desk. We plan to buy more of these cuties just for fun.
RonnieMagdalena, NM

Cute but Nasty!

I really enjoyed this product, but I was grossed out when I realized the Grow A Head breeds worms…ugh!!! If not for the worms, I would say this is a great product.
GeoffreyValparaiso, FL

Love my Grow A Head!

My grow a head actually grew faster than stated. Within a few days, my head had sprouted “hair” and within a week it was an inch tall. It has been really fun watching the grass grow and creating new hairstyles for my head.
RodneyRindge, NH