Guarana Seed Powder 1.1lb | 500g 100% Pure & Factory Fresh

GUARANÁ (Paulina cupana), the essence of Good Health, is a perennial plant indigenous to Brazil. The Amazonian Indians first discovered its beneficial medicinal value and today this value is reassured. Today the plant is known and used worldwide. Ninty percent of the worlds commercial production of guaraná is in the middle of the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazilstill performed by the Guarani Indians, who wild-harvest the seeds and process them into paste by hand. The Brazilian government has become aware of the importance of the local production of guaraná by traditional methods employed by indigenous inhabitants of the rainforest. Since 1980, FUNAI (National Indian Foundation) has set up a number of projects to improve the local production of guaraná . Now, under the direction of the FUNAI, many cooperatives in the rainforest support indigenous tribal economies through the harvesting and production of pesticide free guaraná. In the United States, guarana is reputed to enhance alertness and physical capacities, improve mood, suppress the appetite and have sexual stimulating effects. In addition to increasing endurance, it has a history of treating hangovers from alcohol abuse and headaches related to menstruation.

Quick facts

  • 100% Pure & Freshly ground Guarana Seed Powder
  • Since 1907 our factory has been the number one producer of wild harvested Guarana products world-wide.
  • Freshness is the key to Guarana’s effectiveness and that is why our guarana powder is ground daily and shipped around the world
  • Factory sealed in plastic bag with label in Portuguese and English.
  • This item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Ships FAST! Supporting Amazon basin community since 1907

Top reviews

Be brave and just try it ! Put it in Yogurt or Applesauce

My secret weapon to perform hard work with a great attitude. Guanine (a caffeine analog) gives a long lasting stimulant boost while theobromine provides the attitude adujstment of chocolate. A wonderful delight that got me to quit coffee which is jittery, short-acting and just pale in comparison.

Guanine is oil-based so it’s hard to dissolve in water but that allows for slow-release in your body. Be brave, depending on your body size use a teaspoon to a tablespoon. If you can consume a tablespoon of coffee you can certainly consume a tbsp of this.

Instead of trying to dissolve into liquid put it in Yogurt or Apple Sauce. Makes a great low calorie breakfast that stays with you and reduces hunger.

Truly an amazing product that leaves a six-hour silly grin on my face with motivation to clean the garage !

GailMc Dowell, VA

The real deal !!!!

Better than coffee or ANY energy drink !!! This is the authentic, natural item. Stay away from any other product besides Guarana and Yerbe Mate’- read up on it !! good luck !!
OliveRexville, NY

get up & GO !!!

This stuff is fantastic. I agree with the other complimentry reviews. might i suggest mixing a small amount of this powder with a shot of olive oil?! I actually think it may lengthen the effect even mnore by doing this and it is a fat soluble so it’s a lot easier to get down. Because of the chemistry of this molecule, it is bitter and never tastes good. If it really bothers you, it’s possible to order some gelatin capsules and make your own guarana capsules! That way you can swallow them and will not have to deal with the taste:)
BrittenyFront Royal, VA


A little hard to swallow but well worth it. I used to drink two coffees a day, now I’ve quit coffee because of this product. Doing the math, it’s actually saved me quite a bit of money. It works well as an appetite suppressant as well, I haven’t been nearly as hungry.
JuleeHankins, NY

Seems to work well…

It is definitely authentic guarana powder. Seems to give u a good caffeine amount. Only problem is it never seems to incorporate into your drink. I’ve tried using a blender, a spoon and even soaking it overnight in water but you always have to shake it before you drink it cuz it doesn’t disolve. Tastes not bad with just water though.
ImeldaElgin, OK