Guayaki Yerba Mate Chocolatte Tea Bags

Worthy of celebration, chocolate, known as the “food of the gods,” is married with yerba mate, revered as the “drink of the gods”. This decadent blend offers the healthy energy of yerba mate and the bliss of rich chocolate flavor without the calories.

Quick facts

  • 100% Organic, Rainforest and Shade-Grown Yerba Mate blended with Organic ingredients.
  • Improves Digestion & Promotes Balance in the Body
  • 196 Active compounds, 24 Vitamins & Minerals, 15 Amino Acids, Caffeine and Chlorophyll
  • Provides Mental Clarity & Sustains Physical Energy

Top reviews

Tastes like pumpkin pie…

This takes nothing like chocolate at all. It has a strong cinnamin/nutmeg flavor that reminds me of pumpkin pie. I tried one and don’t think I’ll be drinking any more. As far as energy goes, I do think it works – but I can’t enjoy the drink enough to continue.
KarlRoland, AR


Mind you, this is my first excursion into the Yerba Mate world so I have nothing to compare it against, but I am quite happy with this product. It tasts good hot (especially with a little honey and some frothed soy milk like the comapny’s website suggests) and I love throwing a bag into my water bottle. It steeps cold, so I can just toss one in and I have flavored beverage to enjoy during my day.
GeniaForest, IN

Not a bad tea, but there are other vendors on Amazon selling for less.

I made the mistake of clicking “buy” before I really looked around. However, you can find this exact same tea for 30-40% less from other sellers.

At any rate, the tea does taste pretty good. Each bag is individually wrapped in the package which is nice and helps each tea you make fresh. Nothing worse than old, stale tea!

However, I didn’t notice any of the “pick me up” benefits purported by this tea. Perhaps I drink way too much coffee and am somewhat “immune” to these kinds of effects, or perhaps I expected something more noticeable, or…possibly…the benefits others report are purely placebo.

Regardless, I’ll enjoy the tea and IF I order it again I will go to one of the other sellers for the cost savings.

LeopoldoCleveland, GA


DanyellCanyon Creek, MT

Best tea I have ever had the pleasure of drinking!

As someone who’s most awake between the hours of 7 at night and 3 in the morning, I’ve always used tea instead of coffee to wake up. I’ve tried a variety of european & asian teas, both black and green, but I must say that this is the best.

In terms of taste, this one can’t be beaten. In addition to the cocoa flavoring,there are also hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia, and clove. Above all, I am unable to taste any hint of bitterness, so this tea slides right down the hatch.

Psychopharmacologically, Yerba Mate is superior to regular teas. I’m a caffein sensitive person, so a single cup of tea can carry me for about six hours. There are tons of xanthines and other psychoactive chemicals in Yerba Mate, and the ‘high’ obtained is significantly different from any other caffeinated beverages I’ve had.

One cup of the stuff makes me feel really focused, but very clear and free of the extra thoughts that are usually bouncing around my mind. I’ve also noticed that it elevates my mood slightly, though that could just be a placebo effect.

Essentially, this tea tastes good & will make you feel great.

JennaCorona Del Mar, CA

Delicious blend of Yerba Mate with spices and sweets

I’ve been a fan of Yerba Mate tea for somewhere in the vicinity of 17 or 18 years and have always had to drink it with a lot of honey to get around the odd after-taste it tends to leave in one’s mouth. This Mate Chocolatte tea solves that problem with its blend of yummy spices (nutmeg, cinnamon and clove) and sweetening agents (cocoa and Stevia). Stevia is one powerful sweetener, so there’s no need to sweeten this tea at ALL! All ingredients are fully organic, so you’re doing your body good by drinking it.

Yerba Mate is great for energy, also (one of the reasons I’ve been a fan for so long!) since it is naturally caffeinated, plus it helps to rid your body of accumulated toxins while providing you with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Perfect! If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your morning cuppa joe, this stuff is for you!

MaryamNewdale, ID

Delicious, but check your grocery store first

This drink is delicious! But beware – it’s overpriced on Amazon. I found the exact same product at my local Whole Foods for $6.79.
MindyPlymouth, IA

Great Tea but Too Expensive!

I love this tea, the flavor is great! I buy this brand at Trader Joe’s and pay $4.69 a box. I didn’t really read the description of this tea, I was in a hurry. I presumed it was a 3 box purchase for $14.61, not one box! Trader’s doesn’t carry this chocolate flavor, so I will enjoy this purchase, but can’t afford to make another one!!!
JolineBurkburnett, TX

Surprisingly good

Really, I was expecting a matte slap in the face, so I was pleasantly surprised. While mate still isn’t my top flavor pick, it melded nicely in this blend. I took a sip straight to get a baseline flavor and was greeted with a mild sweetness, a relatively mellow tea, and the faintest hint of cocoa and spices.

Following the instructions, I added a bit of almond milk (which I discovered can curdle a bit), but opted to skip the extra sweetener. While still good, I actually liked it better without milk added. Though I am not a latte drinker, and have had some less than stellar experiences with mate, this tea gets the thumbs up.

I marked just one star down, as the price is quite exorbant for a relatively inexpensive tea.

HectorNorth Chili, NY

Suprising great!

I saw Yerba mate on Dr Oz.So I came right here to find it and I discovered the Chocolate flavor.I was a little skeptical at first,thinking it wouldn’t taste so great ,but after brewing it and discovering it didn’t need any sweetener,I was pleasantly surprised at how much energy I had the whole day.I would absolutely recommend this.
DiannaDurant, FL

Can you say YUM

I had a yerba mate gourd in college and remembered how much energy and clarity it gave me, so 25 years later, I thought I could use some energy and clarity in my life, and ordered the Guayaki Chocolate Mate Tea. It is very yummy! It really taste great! But not sure if it gives me a ton of energy or clarity – Not what I remembered from college, but then again I am a lot older, so maybe energy and clarity are not as intense as they were 25 years ago – lol. Worth buying even if it is just for a yummy morning tea
AzzieDefiance, PA

Simply Delicious

Guayaki Mate Chocolatte is an absolutely wonderful blend! The tea is aromatic and has a mediumish body. The cocoa and spices are blended perfectly… neither overpowers one or another, yet both are prominent and easy to pick up on. The mate is more subtle, however, yet still present. Connoisseurs of mate tea, however, may find this to their disliking, due to how the mate itself is almost in the background.

All-in-all, this mate blend is perfect for people new to mate teas, or for a connoisseur of mate who doesn’t mind the subtle taste of the mate itself. In my opinion, this mate is best served the morning or as a dessert tea. I recommend serving the tea with no milk and with a teaspoon of sugar, as the sugar helps bring out the chocolate and adds a wonderful layer of complexity.

SuzanGrenville, SD

Loving this tea!!

This tea is simple awesome. Not too spicy, with no overpowering chocolate taste — just the right balance of both. Try one bag of this tea with one bag of the Chai Spice Mate in your cup — for a really amazing blend.
WynellWheeler, OR

Delicious and revitalizing!

The flavor and scent of this is wonderful! It’s smooth, yet has a cinnamon spice to it. I feel so great after a cup, it’s a great pick me up in the afternoon.
RoryWilburton, OK


This tea is the perfect start to my day and doubles as a fix for my chocolate addiction, I can’t rave enough about it. I mix it with a little sugar and milk, like I would with Chai. So glad I got past my “must have loose leaf” tea snobbery and ordered this. I plan to brew a large batch of this for the whole family to enjoy.
JudieBirchwood, TN

Same yerba mate with just a hint of chocolate

I am already a fan of Organic Yerba Mate Tea 25 Bags and a fan of chocolate. This mix is the best of yerba mate with just a hint of chocolate. If you are looking for a more milk-chocolate flavor, try it with a little sweetener and milk. The hint of chocolate gives this yerba mate a more bitter flavor closer to coffee than the plain yerba matte but without the coffee acid and reduced caffeine. Yerba mate is a good flavor in itself and not just as a coffee substitute. The chocolate gives us yerba mate fans some variety in flavors.
CurtKula, HI

Surprisingly delicious.

This drink had been recommended to me by a friend, who also warned me that it might taste a little earthy. To my very pleasant surprise, this particular product of yerba mate is spiced in such a way that it requires nothing added to it to make it drinkable. I down a couple mugs of it now every morning, and am slowly weaning myself off of coffee. For people who want caffeine, but want to avoid coffee or sugar, I would recommend this drink. Nothing is needed to add flavor–all the flavor is right there in the little tea bag. There is an earthy undertone, but it is set off perfectly by the light chocolate and spice flavors. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new drink, especially something a little different from the norm.
SaranBig Falls, MN

Guayaki tea is great

I love the Guayaki brand and had seen the chocolatte flavor online but never in stores until my last trip to Mother’s Market (where it was on sale for 4.19, regularly 6.49.) I’m glad I picked it up, it’s a great tea, great flavor, no sweetener needed but it tastes closer to chai to me than it does chocolate. I add a tablespoon of organic cacao powder and some organic vanilla almond milk to make it a “dessert tea.”
OraSeguin, TX

Hardly Chocolate

I hardly caught the chocolate hint in this tea. It is more of a spicy tea with a teeny tiny hint of chocolate. It’s good if that’s what you’re looking for, but I was hoping for more chocolate. I tried it with an almond/coconut milk and without anything added and preferred the tea with the milk.
MirellaMalmstrom A F B, MT

Great Taste & Nice Pick-Me-Up

This tea has a good mixture of chocolate, mate, and cinnamon with no unpleasant aftertaste. I was a die-hard green tea drinker and used to add 2 Tablespoons of Agave or Honey per 20 oz. cup. Now, I’ve completely converted to this tea and I only add 1 tsp. of Agave per 20 oz. cup and it is delicious and energizing. I’m glad I spend the money for one box to be sure that I really like it.

It’s nice to know that I’m getting a steady energy buzz without any crashing that I used to get from coffee. Green tea never gave me a boost of energy though I did enjoy the taste as long as I added a lot of sweetener.

I highly recommend this brand, and I wish that Amazon sold it in bulk as they do other teas. I found a cheaper source online for six boxes under $39.00 and no shipping cost. That’s about a $17.00 saving from buying 6 boxes through Amazon. I’d rather buy from Amazon as I’m a long-time customer and trust them. Hopefully, they are reading this and will sell this particular brand in bulk, in the future.

SpringClarkrange, TN

Very theraputic tea

This tea is delicious, gives you a nice energy boost, and is also a mild appetite suppressant, making a good choice for your afternoon break.
FlorenceLoris, SC

Fantastic Tea

This is a very delicious tea with the wonderful benefit of yerba mate. Like other posters, I really don’t enjoy the taste of the plain yerba mate and usually blend it with a spicy tea. This is the only tea that can compete with my love of a great rich cup of coffee.
ShayneBellaire, MI

mate chocolatte

This tea is awesome and a great alternative for coffee lovers trying to break away. I didnt even need to add sugar, its just naturally sweet enough.
RichardQuaker Hill, CT

The best tea I’ve ever discovered

Not only is this tea delicious, it also makes you feel like a million bucks! The blend of mate, coco, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and stevia is just right. You can taste a little of each without any of them overwhelming the others. It also has the smoky notes and invigorating properties of mate that I personally love.

Try it double strength with cream!

TuGreenup, KY