Guldens Zesty Honey Mustard 12oz – 6 Unit Pack

The classic Gulden’s mustard recipe has stayed a well-kept secret for more than 140 years. The Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard recipe includes a blend of premium mustard seeds and spices gathered from many parts of the world. And Gulden’s Zesty Honey Mustard has Gulden’s big zesty taste with just a touch of golden honey. Gulden’s is perfect for topping a frank, spreading on a sandwich, or mixing into a favorite recipe. History Charles Gulden established his mustard company in 1862 near the South Street Seaport in New York City. From the port, Gulden purchased the imported seeds and spices that earned his mustard its prestigious award from the American Institute in 1869 and 1883. It also earned awards at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, the Paris Exposition in 1900, the Sesquicentennial International Exposition in Philadelphia in 1926, and the Napa Valley Mustard Festival in 2005.

Quick facts

  • A carefully selected blend of spices gathered from around the world
  • Delicious on meats, or as a poultry marinade
  • A well-kept secret recipe for almost 140 years
  • 6/12 oz

Top reviews

Gulden’s Spicy Honey Mustard Shames Competition

I have tried any number of honey mustards, and found most of them to be the consistency of mucous. They are gooey, bland and rather tasteless. Not so Gulden’s Spicy Honey Mustard. Not just for sandwiches, we use it on everything from a meatloaf glaze to a tuna marinade. Try it! You won’t be disappointed…again. Gulden’s is great!
LeonRandolph, TX

Guldens Zesty Honey Mustard

My husband loves this mustard and we can’t find it in the stores. I usually get a bunch to last us. Priced good and shipped right away. Thank You
DawneMount Olive, AL

I love this stuff.

I was introduced to Gulden’s Zesty Honey Mustard several years ago by a friend. At the time, it was available at Wegmans in NY, but alas they have stopped carrying it for some reason. I ended up buying the 6 pack when the price dropped enough (but was still about $5 per bottle after shipping). Also, it’s mustard. It will be good probably until I use it all up, since I’ve never seen mustard go off.

The supplier did a good job of wrapping it, although frankly they’re non-shatter plastic jars and I would have liked to save a little bit on shipping instead, but it got to me pretty quickly and there weren’t any problems so I guess it was worth it. I’ve tried other honey mustard sauces and none of them can really compete. The Wegmans store brand was decent but it was actually Dijon, which this isn’t. Don’t know what the Gulden secret is but I hope they never stop making it…

EugenaMalden, IL