Gum Spearmint 300 Pc Gum

Give your mouth a fresh burst of flavor while you clean and whiten your teeth with Peelu Dental Chewing Gum! Peelu Dental Chewing Gum is a naturally delicious, sugar-free gum that not only freshens your breath, it actually works to whiten and protect your teeth as you chew. That’s because Peelu gum contains natural, non-abrasive peelu fibers that gently remove stubborn stains, leaving teeth a healthy, beautiful white.

Quick facts

  • The “toothbrush gum”
  • Uses natural, non-abrasive peelu fibers to polish your teeth while you chew
  • Naturally refreshing spearmint flavor

Top reviews

Save your money

This gum is not worth the money. There are far better Xylitol products out there for sale. This gum’s taste lasts less than one minute before it is spent and tastes like an old shoe. Additionally, about the time that the flavor goes bad the gum turns to mush and does not even resemble gum at all.

Most Xylitol gums that I have tried to not last that long but this one by far is the quickest to go south.

I have had much better luck with others, you probably will as well.

JanaEbro, FL

If taste matters then skip this product

I’m an avid gum chewing person who has been trying to switch over to natural sugar free gum. Initially I purchased this product due to the price being cheaper than it’s main competitor spry. What a mistake that was. Actually this product is no cheaper after you spend 4.99 on shipping and also count in the additional time you have to wait for the product (4 -5 days) to be delivered. The product tastes great initially but after about 5 minutes of chewing it tastes like crap. It leaves a very nasty after taste in your mouth. I’m forcing myself to chew it so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my money but it’s not worth it. The Spry gum tastes soooooo much better and it lasts. Also I’ve tasted the variety of Spry flavors and they are all good. So my final recommendation is to save your money on this product if taste matters. If it doesn’t matter and cleaning you teeth is the key issue then go right ahead and torture yourself.
LaurindaStar, MS

Consistently reliable dental gum

Ever since I came to know about this at Whole Foods, I have been purchasing it either from store or online. This gum does not hold for a long time and so it is an automatic reminder to spit it out before it dissolves.
RosendaNew Franken, WI


I have been chewing Peelu gum for many years and I really love it. The quality of the gum has always been consistently good when I buy it at Whole Foods and Mrs. Greens. I bought some online, not from an Amazon dealer, and the quality was not as good. So I can highly recommend this product when purchased from Whole Foods and Mrs. Greens. I love the peppermint and the spearmint flavors and the cinnamon is nice too. I really like that it doesn’t have aspartame/nutrisweet (and all it’s other names like phenylketuronics) as that gives me headaches. I also like that I can buy it in bottles of 100 or 300. It is a good product.
OtiliaArvilla, ND