Gunter’s Pure Starthistle Honey, 16 oz


Quick facts

  • Net Wt 16 oz (453g)
  • 100% Natural Ingredients.
  • US Grade A
  • Kosher

Top reviews

Pure deliciousness

For reasons known not even to me, I have purchased about 25 types of honey, made from the nectar of different flowers. Of those many types, this is my clear favorite for eating by the spoonful. It is very sweet, having only a mild flavor, and that flavor is delightful. Little or no aftertaste. I could joyfully eat far too much of this to be healthy.
I have found that honey falls along a broad spectrum of flavors. There is the familiar, grocery-store flavor; clover honey and orange-blossom honey fit this description. They have a mild but distincly honey-like taste with just slight aftertaste–if you sampled an unknown type of honey and it happened to be one of these, it would seem familiar, plesant, and unremarkable. There are milder, sweeter honeys with somewhat less of the familiar honey taste and less aftertaste. Tupelo honey is one of these; starthistle honey is even milder, in my opinion, and differs somehow from the usual honey flavor in a way that I like. Then there are the progressively more strongly-flavored honeys. Avacado honey and manuka honey are these, with manuka being the stronger of the two, at least of the batches I’ve sampled, though there are probably differences to be had. They taste like honey, only with less sweetness, more aftertaste, and stronger flavor that still tastes like honey, though more like something that would be used as a baking flavor rather than eating by the spoonful. Eucalyptus honey (there are acually dozens of varieties of eucalyptus, of which I’ve tried only one generic variety so far) is also stronger in flavor, but different, with a bit of pleasant-but-medicinal aroma and aftertaste. The strongest honey I’ve found so far is buckwheat honey–it is dark like molasses, is as strongly flavored as molasses, and definitely fits the “tastes like a baking flavor” description (though I’ve heard it’s wonderful mixed into pancake syrup, and I can believe it).
There are a dozen or so honeys that are undistinguished, being a bit stronger perhaps than clover, but not so strong as manuka. For every honey that stands out as having its own flavor, there are many more that taste like a not-quite-perfect clover honey, i.e. palatable, perfectly acceptable, and perhaps a little different, but just slightly less appealing than the ubiquitous, generic clover honey.
If you want a mild, sweet honey that is pleasantly different from anything else you’ve tried, this is it. I’ll be buying more.
EdenMelrose, CT

Amazing flavor

This is a rare and wonderful honey that I first sampled in Idylewild, CA. I am NEVER going back to supermarket honey! Star Thistle honey is definitely a must try especially if you use it in teas since the flavor is mild and has no aftertaste!!!!! Awesome flavor!
MarnaHecker, IL