Hachez 77% Cocoa D’Arriba Classic LONGS

77% Cocoa D’Arriba Classic LONGS – This solid 37g chocolate is made from select high-quality beans from Ecuador. Described as smooth and clean, each bite of Cocoa D’Arriba melts in your mouth creating an especially mild taste with 77% cocoa content. Hachez’s Cocoa D’Arriba is milder than other chocolates with a high cocoa content. Hachez’s Cocoa D’Arriba is all-natural with no artificial ingredients. The Hachez Longs are available in the classic flavor, orange, maracaibo and maracaibo with espresso.

Quick facts

  • Hachez’s Cocoa D’Arriba 77% cocoa content – The mild chocolate enjoyment.
  • The best of the best superior cocoa of South America from the highlands of Ecuador.
  • Unlike mass-marketed chocolates, Cocoa D’Arriba is ultra-refined (14 microns) to generate a smooth, mellow flavor with no after taste.
  • Extra-long conching process ensures remaining sourness evaporates, creating the basis for “The mild chocolate enjoyment.”
  • Cocoa D’Arriba consists of the best and natural ingredients only; no emulsifier needed, no artificial Vanillia.

Top reviews

Great product

This is the best dark Chocolate you will ever eat! Too bad it is so expensive to ship! It is worth the treat
KiaPigeon Falls, WI