Hachez Cocoa D’ Arriba Chocolate Bar, Mango Chili, 3.5 Ounce

Consists of the best and natural ingredients only, no emulsifier needed, no artificial vanillin. Dark chocolate bar with dried pieces of sweet mango and spicy chili peppers. Each bit is smooth and clean. Melts in your mouth creating an especially mild taste.

Quick facts

  • Dark chocolate bar with dried pieces of sweet mango and spicy chili peppers
  • Each bit is smooth and clean
  • Melts in your mouth creating an especially mild taste

Top reviews

not what i expected

The candy came on time. There was nothing the company or organization did wrong in my opinion. The candy just did not taste the way I thought it would. I could taste barely taste the mango. Also, I think what turned me off was the “chili”. I didn’t realize until I receive the candy that’s what it was. My fault not theirs!
MozelleDewitt, IL

Love dark chocolate but want some variety? Try this!

I saw this product at the best little interesting grocery store in my town, located near the university’s international student housing. I love dark chocolate and the darker the better, but sometimes a person wants a different experience, right? I loved this and went back for more but they were out of this flavor — so I went to my friend Amazon.com!

But taste is a matter of taste, isn’t it? (Aren’t I brilliant?!!)

So if you like chocolate and chili peppers and a hint of mango, you will love this! Just a few squares at the end of the day is a reward for a day well lived!

ReginaldMeadow, SD

For those who like sweet and spicy!

I just purchased this on sale at a local store and came to Amazon to see if I could get a good price here. I noticed the lack of reviews and wanted to post a comment. If you eat spicy food and don’t mind a very slight burn this is perfect for you. I eat a lot of spicy food and this is nothing to me, but I can’t decide if it would be too much for someone else since what seems slight to me may be an inferno for others. At first bite you really taste ripe mango and then towards the end a very slight burn in the back of the mouth and a little towards the ears. For those of us that love chili we love the burn as well and I wish they would make it hotter. I would advise someone who doesn’t care for chili to buy another product and not leave a bad review because they don’t know what to expect with chili. I dont mean to knock the previous review, but I got exactly what I anticipated because I knew it had chili and chili is usually warm or hot. Also, the taste of mango was spot on and strong enough to be noticed right away.
JoanRushsylvania, OH