Hachez Cocoa D’ Arriba Chocolate Bar, Orange, 3.5 Ounce

All-natural with no artificial ingredients. Each bit is smooth and clean. Melts in your mouth creating an especially mild taste. Accented with natural orange oil.

Quick facts

  • Each bit is smooth and clean
  • Melts in your mouth creating an especially mild taste
  • Accented with natural orange oil

Top reviews

Relatively Better Hachez Bar

As is, Cocoa D’Arriba consists of the best and natural ingredients only; no emulsifier, no artificial Vanillin. Concerning the high ingredient quality and business ethics, these are huge pluses. However, as most reviewers have complained, there is barely any chocolate taste, let alone the fact that it is not rich or fulfilling for that matter. This is most likely due to the fact that Cocoa D’Arriba is ultra-refined (14 microns) to generate a smooth and mellow taste. That is, the chocolate is over-refined, thus very little has remained from the original rich chocolate taste. You can run into the same problem in olive oil industry, where sometimes the oil is ultra-refined during pressing, which brings about the lack of actual olive taste and thus character. Too sad.

Hachez Orange Bar 77% Cocoa is certainly a more successful product in the series, however. The natural orange-oil in it brings about a very mellow yet significant and pleasing orange flavor to this dark chocolate bar. It definitely adds much flavor and gives some character to this over-refined chocolate bar.

RosemarieSussex, WI

Very mild with some subtle orange flavor, and distinct bitterness

This is a high-quality chocolate made with all natural ingredients, but not my favorite. It’s got a very mild taste that to me is very far from chocolate. It lacks that smooth, fatty rich taste on the tongue. The bitterness, however, is definitely in here when you first chew it, with an orange-y finish that increases in intensity in your mouth. It’s an interesting effect, but I can’t say that I love this. The bitterness lingers for a while, so be aware if you’re used to very sweet chocolates.

According to what little German that I can understand, this chocolate is handmade (since 1890) and made without coloring or preservatives. It’s beautifully wrapped and makes a wonderful gift (I got it from a German friend), but just be sure that the person likes bitter chocolate before you buy this. Price written on the back is 2.2 Euro.

JaimeeTwin Mountain, NH