Haddrell’s of Cambridge Multifloral Honey, 2.2 Pound Bottle

MultiFloral honey is made from a blend of unique wild pasture flowers that only grow in the Waikato area, the center of Northern Island of New Zealand. This is an amber honey with distinctive flavors appealing to all those who enjoy a pleasant variation o

Quick facts

  • A 100 % Natural, from one of the most environmentally clean places on earth

Top reviews

Runny and Exciting Honey!

Unlike YS’s Raw Honey, this honey isn’t a solid mass crammed into a what is essentially a plastic peanut butter jar. That being said, don’t be fooled by the picture, this is only about 12 oz more than your regular jar of YS honey and sells for $15. But I think it makes up for the price with it’s taste; It isn’t so cloyingly sweet as YS Eco-honey, and is actually a little bitter; but it’s good tasting, and smells fantastically flowery~

It may have / may have not been heat treated, because it’s runny. Not supermarket, mass-produced and mixed with corn syrup, syrupy honey in a squeeze-y bear. It is more like naturally runny? Like flowing water, almost. In colder weather the honey firms up and has the same color as seen on the product page. (Here’s something to keep in mind: If your honey has crystallized, *NEVER* nuke it to melt it. Your just wasting your money that way by killing all of the beneficial enzymes and good stuff in it. Melt your honey in a bowl, in a pan; low AND slow.)

I read a review on the Vitacost website, and that customer said that this honey changes hue and flavor depending on the season. Since it’s still Winter, going on Spring in the States, my jar of honey is most likely a Summer-Fall blend of honey; It is really dark compared to my jar of YS honey. I wonder what a Winter/Spring wildflower honey from New Zealand tastes like~

ConnieIndependence, WV