Hafner Tartshell, Savory, 288-Count Box

The Hafner family originated in Switzerland and migrated to France, where they settled next to Lyon (Lyons), the heart of the most famous French culinary region. In 1929 Johanes Hafner purchased the company which would bear his name. Andre Hafner, Johanes’s son, carried on to manufacture cookies of all sorts, Yule logs, and a variety of products requested by his customers. In 1968 Andre Hafner doubled the size of the company and it became known as a quality pie shell / tartlet plant. His son Pierre-Andre Hafner followed in his steps. In 1989 Pierre-Andre Hafner, Johanes’ grandson, took over the company and continued the legacy of quality products. In 1990 Pierre-Andre Hafner inaugurated an office with a warehouse in Atlanta, GA to service the domestic US market through a network of distributors. By 1996 Pierre-Andre Hafner once again double the size of the production facility by adding an industrial sized manufacturing line of Scottish Dough Sponge Cake products and Kosher items. The factory uses several quality control tools (HACCP control, supplier control) in order to guarantee the best quality. The Atlanta, GA main US distribution center also expanded. New and original product lines from other European and North American manufacturers were imported to satisfy the ever more discriminating American consumers. Our lines are extremely successful with hotels, caterers and bakeries. The Hafner USA lines have made a name for themselves in the US for their top notch quality, elegance, resistance to humidity, ease of use (all items are baked and ready to fill), one year shelf life, dry storage and the convenient food service packaging.

Quick facts

  • Ready to garnish
  • 1.9 inch
  • Pairs with sweet fillings
  • Finest ingredients
  • Perfect for beautiful and delicious treats

Top reviews

Most of the box was broken

When I opened the box most of the tart shells where borken and I was unable to use them. I will not be using this product again.
DiedreAustin, PA

Love it

I used these tarts for a party i catered I filled them with wip cream, kiwi, peach and strawberries The guest absolutely loved them they arrived fast and none of them were broken. I used every single one I will definately order more. 🙂
ErmaBeebe Plain, VT

Most broken!

Most of the box was broken upon arrival. The shells that we could use were fine, but about 40% were unusable.
KrystinaMarienville, PA