Haiku Organic Kuchika Twig Tea 2g bags/ 16 count

Haiku Organic Twig Tea (Kukicha) by Great Eastern Sun 16 Bag During the fall in the Uji district traditional center of the Japanese tea industry the Nagata family turns to the harvest of tea twigs for Kukicha the peasant’s drink so-called because farmers drank it after selling the leaves to sophisticated urbanites as a cash crop. The Nagatas carefully select 40 medium 3-yr 40 thick 10-yr and 20 thin twigs and leaves aged 1 year before gently roasting each variety separately to bring out its rich flavor. Because caffeine is concentrated in the leaves twig tea is low in caffeine and can be drunk even at night. Haiku Twig Tea teabags are always two full grams of 100 Nagata Japanese Organic Kukicha Tea the finest quality in the world. Try it and you will understand why true connoisseurs of Japanese twig tea will drink nothing else.

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  • Great Eastern Sun

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Good as ordered.

I finally opened the boxed packaged containing this tea. It was inclusive in having other items added as free samples. I have yet to open and try the tea, but I have had twig tea in recent past. So I am hopping that it is as remembered, nice roasted cup of twig.

Thank you.

MyrlColumbia, NJ