Haldiram Soan Papdi 1kg

Traditional Indian Flaky Sweet with Almonds & Pistachios.

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  • Haldiram Soan Papdi

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melts in your mouth like flakes of cotton candy

I LOVE indian food but thought their dessert variety was limited until I started seeing these type of desserts in the indian stores. I first thought it was some kind of cake and it’s shaped like one and cut into small squares, but when you bite into it, it’s soooo light and flaky and sweet –it tasted soooo good, sweet and soft that melted in my mouth like flakes of cotton candy. It’s made so delicately and elegantly that it looks too good to eat – it looks so intricate like it would take MANY hours and lots of skill to make. I finished off the whole box in less than half an hour. It’s not like any known US mainstream dessert that I’ve ever tasted. American desserts or sweet snacks are sweet but they’re also very heavy tasting but this soan papdi is very light.

It’s pricey for the amount you’re getting, so if I were to buy it, I would buy it for friends when having coffee/tea or a light brunch or light luncheon. It would be great with coffee or tea and to serve to friends at a LIGHT tea luncheon get-together where your friends will worship the ground you walk on after tasting this!! Take off the packaging before you serve it to them and just blithely lie and say you made it yourself and watch them beg you for the recipe and stare in puzzlement and envy! 🙂

JeannettaWinnisquam, NH