Halo, Spot’s Stew for Dogs

Our holistic approach to cat care is based on treating the “whole animal,” using pure, natural ingredients in optimum formulation to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. The result is a happier, healthier cat — inside and out. That’s why our Spot’s Stew has been the “Gold Standard” in natural cat food for over 20 years. Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients in our cat food has never wavered. We guarantee you will see a difference in your cat’s health when you use our products.

Quick facts

  • Highest quality protein: Whole meats and fresh vegetables
  • No inferior by-products, rendered meats or meals
  • Ideal for all life stages

Top reviews

Picky Papillons Love It

My Papillons (ages 8 and 9) have been the pickiest damn dogs I have ever met. You know when the vet says “they will eat eventually, they won’t starve”? Well, no. These damn dogs would starve if they didn’t get to eat something they liked. I have been struggling for years to find food that is not made in China, not made from chicken from China even if manufactured in the USA. Finally, I found Halo. I integrated the Halo Spots Stew kibble and the Halo Spot’s Stew chicken canned into the Paps diet over 2 weeks. Week one they ate half of the Halo and by the end of week two they were eating ALL of the Halo product and the small amount of the old brand was left in their bowls. Their skin is fantastic, their poops are a perfect consistency (not too hard or too soft) and they are energetic and just happy and excited for meal time now. I also feed them the Halo LiL Bits freeze dried chicken treats. All of the ingredients are from USA and made solely here. And, I am thrilled that my favorite TV talk show host, Ms. Ellen Degeneres is a part owner of the company.

Thank you Amazon for offering this here as it is hard to get in my somewhat small town pet stores who seem to cater to gross China food that will make all our dogs sick.

MarquittaPoland, ME

my dogs love it

I have spent 2 years trying to find some sort of dog food that won’t break the bank, that’s made with dog health in mind, and that my dogs actually like. having said that, I was truly skeptical about buying this, simply because of the price. I mean, it’s dog food, they all look the same. But. it’s. awesome. I started off by mixing in a spoon full of it into their regular food, and for the first time ever my dogs were cleaning their plates. its got chunks of real vegetables in it, and in combination with the dried food (also Halo, I mix the salmon with the lamb) my dogs are eating like kings and queens: 3 types of meat, 15 types of veggies & fruits…wow.

I’m totally in love with this brand. I have switched over EVERYTHING, their treats, their dry food and their wet food.if halo comes out with a flavored water supplement for dogs, I’ll probably buy that too. its just a great brand, reliable, and with a conscience.

AnnabelleSandy Ridge, NC

dogs love it

My dogs love this food. They eat it up as soon as I put it in their bowls. I feel good about feeding my dogs this food. You can see real carrots and green beans.
JennetteGlen Elder, KS

Our dog loves this food

Love the item, but found it Cheaper at Vitacost.com. Our dog had all kinds of health issues until we switched to Halo. Hs skin itched, he kept getting ear infections and he got very sore and limped after just a little exercise. Worst of ll, he could no longer go jogging with my wife and was acting old at the age of 6. Now he is healthy again and has the energy of a puppy again.
CorazonDarien, WI

NOT as Good as I hope for..try…

I tried to switch my pug puppy to this food from another holistic brand and found it too rich for her. She started throwing it back up in just an hour or so after eating a very small amount of it. I switched her to WELLNESS Just for Puppy Holistic Nutrition. She has done very well with this. They also guarantee it or your money back. Price is comparable with Halo.
AngelynConcho, OK

Only dog food I will use

After reading horrible reviews about dog food and with the onset of my puppy having seizures, I made him only home cooked meals specifically for dogs. He was having stomach problems and went through many different recipes always consulting with my Vet, but then I found Halo dog food. My dog eats this and looks for more, his stomach problems have subsided and he’s doing very well. This was such a relief due to his seizures and stomach problems and I tried so hard to make him well. He’s been on Halo canned chicken Spots Stew now for 2 months and I am so relieved. Now if only I could do something about the seizures, all would be well. However, I give very high recommendations for Halo food. A bit expensive, but worth every penny. I need to add that I know how much Ellen Degeneres loves dogs and put my trust in her advocating Halo food. I’m not sorry. Thanks Ellen. Thanks Amazon for carrying it and offering monthly subscriptions.
TamalaPierpont, SD

Dog’s love this food

This dog food is packed full of great stuff. You can see the chunks of chicken, carrots, peas and pasta. I feel good about feeding this to my dog. This can size is perfect for dogs under 10 pounds. My little chihuahua loves the stuff and one small can lasts us about 2 days.
ShirlyNorth Beach, MD


RolandBridgeport, AL

If only it would have worked…

I wanted this wonderful food to work for Sheldon, but even a teaspoon added to his lamb and rice kibble gave us not so good results. I wonder if he is just too little to try it…he is 4 months old. Anyway, we may try it again when he is older because it seems like such a good quality food and that is what we strive to feed him. I do have to say I was surprised when I opened the can. I was expecting a chunky stew type food but it isn’t. It is a course puree with chunks of vegetable in it and that was fine with me too. Also, he loved it! If only it would have loved him back.
GrazynaBowling Green, SC