Hamburger Helper Cheesy Hashbrowns, 5.5 oz Boxes

Hamburger Helper dinner mixes help bring busy families together for a hearty, wholesome meal. With Hamburger Helper, it’s simple to create a home-cooked skillet meal–just add ground beef to the specially selected pasta, rice, potatoes, or stuffing and seasoned sauce mixes to create a wide variety of flavorful dinners. Bring a cheesy favorite to your table with the Idaho potatoes and cheddar cheese of Hamburger Helper Cheesy Hashbrowns. Each package makes five one-cup servings. Hamburger Helper can add a host of flavors to your mealtime solutions: other cheesy favorites include Cheddar Cheese Melt, Three Cheese, and Bacon Cheeseburger. After all, who couldn’t use a little help in the kitchen?

Quick facts

  • Case of 12 8.4-ounce boxes (total of 100.8 ounces)
  • Made with Idaho potatoes, Cheddar cheese, and onion
  • Home-cooked skillet meal mix
  • Just add hamburger; five servings per box
  • Hearty mealtime solution with a cheesy topping

Top reviews


WinonaBrunswick, ME

Very Disappointing

The potatoes were mushy cooked according to package directions and had an almost burnt taste to them. The sauce that was poured over the top was runny ane tasted uncooked (which is was, but normally the sauce thickens and tastes okay.) I won’t be purchasing this product ever again.
MarinBaton Rouge, LA

hamburger helper

The cheesy hashbrown hamburger helper is my husbands favorite and we are unable to purchase it in our local grocery stores. I am glad that amazon carried it. Great stuff.
RosyPurgitsville, WV

This product used to be GREAT

I loved cheesy hashbrowns until sometime last year, when they redid the recipe…now the potatoes never seem to get fully cooked, the sauce tastes disgusting, and the whole thing sucks.

I miss the old stuff to the point that I have actually looked to trade or buy packages of the older style, to no avail 🙁

IldaFalling Waters, WV


nasty, disgusting and gross. wasnt worth my package of beef for this one. i usually love hamburger helper and was very surprised how awful this was. the cheese topping you mix and add to the top did me in. horrible taste and the entire thing was very salty…not sure if it was from the cheese or adding my own seasonings. i scraped off what i could of the cheese and made eggs the next morning with the leftover hashbrowns, which wasnt bad but very salty.
SherellKurthwood, LA

Glad to have found this item

I too have not been able to find this in any local stores since I have moved. this is my all time favorite hamburger helper and the only one I eat. I am glad amazon carries it.
BookerEquality, AL

Hamburger Helper Cheesy Hashbrowns

I’m sooo happy I just found that amazon carries this. I havent been able to find it in the stores since we moved 8 months ago. this is the only hamburger helper we will eat. Thanks Amazon
SharanStewardson, IL

Thank you

My son LOVES these and we could no longer find it in stores. I love it because it’s so easy and fast to make!
LizabethSyracuse, KS


This is my FAVORITE Hamburger Helper, and it’s so hard to find that I was ecstatic when I found it here. One downside though, they’ve recently changed the recipe (but if you contact them they will insist that they didn’t, but the ingredients are completely different), so if you look at the box and is says “made from real idaho potatoes” It’s great, but if it says “Made from real potatoes” steer away from it.
LiliaBallwin, MO

MISSING from the Grocery Stores!

Some time ago, Cheesy Hashbrowns Hamburger Helper suddenly disappeared from grocery shelves! We were not happy with this development and have checked every available outlet. Was VERY happy to find it on Thanks for restoring this staple to our pantry!
EnochCatoosa, OK

BF’s fave

I buy this all the time for my boyfriend. He loves it. It’s easy for him to make, and it’s tasty. I buy it on amazon because this is the only kind of hamburger helper he likes, and they don’t carry it in our local supermarkets anymore.
SherryImboden, AR

Favorite hamburger helper!

I hadn’t been able to find this hamburger helper in the stores in about 2 years. It’s the best!
MaryellenJolley, IA

glad someone still carries it

After searching local stores for almost a year and not finding this anywhere, I’m glad they have it here, just hope they continue to carry it in the future.
SimoneNapoleon, MI


The fastest and easiest Hamburger Helper I’ve tried. No longer available in stores in my area, so I’m glad I found it here!
JesusitaHelena, AL

Long Island Needs HH Cheesy Hashbrowns!

A+, I was apprehensive mail-ordering this product, I was happy to see it’s fresh, and tasty! Long Island doesn’t have this on the market shelves, very happy to see I can order in bulk to enjoy! Thank you A+!
DarinBrooklyn, PA

Sausage instead of hamburger.

We always make this with sausage instead of hamburger, and we do not make the cheese sauce. Almost always comes out good enough, considering it came out of a box to begin with!
CharaCharles City, VA

OMG can you say MSG?

I used to by this all the time but had trouble locting a store that carried it. Now I wish I hadn’t! The potatoes are made of some foriegn substance and the cheese sause was so saly it almost crunched. My husband has an iron stomach and it even sent him running to the pot! Come to think of it, in the last year all of the hamburger helper varieties have gone bad!
Shame, when you both work full time it was such a great convienience!
No more – unless you want a “trotts” diet.
JaleesaGreat Bend, NY

Pure Awesome.

Cheesy Hashbrowns is the only HH that my wife likes to eat and when we moved to another base, we could not find it available anywhere. Thank you, Amazon! It’s delicious.
BuenaCopiague, NY

Very deliciouis hamburger helper

This is my favorite of all the hamburger helpers. It taste more like homemade than any of the others. It is very cheesy and the potatoes taste pretty fresh.
ChanceScotland Neck, NC