Hampton Farms Salted & Roasted In-shell Peanuts * Large Bag * Net Wt. 80 Oz

Great for all occasions.Specifications:Great for all occasionsGreat item for food serviceGreat item for bulk vending

Quick facts

  • Large bag of 80 ounces
  • Is still in the shell
  • Is salted and roasted

Top reviews

If you like small peanuts, this is your brand

Quality of the peanuts are okay (on a quality rating scale of okay, good and fine) but the size of the peanuts are the smallest I have found in my local grocery chains. I only buy this brand when I am desperate…so if you are desperate, buy away or if you are a fan of small, okay peanuts then look no more, you have found your peanut utopia.

Otherwise, keep on looking….

MinhNaperville, IL

Very good nuts

Very good nuts, some of the best salty nuts I’ve ever put in my mouth.
Much better than the usual guy’s nuts I pick up on the corner. I love the size of the bag, very big and pleasing. It will keep me satisfied for days.
KimberelyCidra, PR

Good nut bad store

Be very careful of the store “TheNewMall” who will charge $9.00 for the nuts and $37.00 to ship it! Rip off company!
ChesterWilliamsburg, IA

Low quality nuts

These are low quality small nuts. Not very good tasting and small. Alot of the peanuts were also bad and shell cracked. I threw out more than I ate. Don’t waste your money.
HoracioHutchinson, MN

Why is so hard to find good nuts

I bought 3 5lb bags and the nuts are small and look like they went through a grinder,and mediocre taste.
Wish I hadn’t of got 3 bags.
Look else were.
ConsueloWenona, IL

won’t buy again

I buy salted peanuts in the shell once a year, for the All-Star game (baseball). I picked up the 1 LB bag at (wally world) and it seemed like there were about 50% acceptable peanuts. The other 50% were tiny, missing, or tasted bad. I will be looking for another brand next year.
DaniellCrane Lake, MN

Threw away more than I eat

These peanuts are of low quality. I found myself throwing away more than I ate. About one out of five were even edible. Most are brown or black and if you eat one of those it is the nastiest thing you will ever taste. They are also very inconsistent in size from opening a shell and finding nothing, to getting very small hard brown or black un eatable peanuts. Not Only are they inconsistant in size but taste to, and the good ones you do find aren’t that good. Don’t let the big bag full of large good looking peanuts fool you.
KathyrnBradshaw, NE

Great nuts!

I don’t know why so many people are unhappy with these nuts. I’ve tried several other brands available through Amazon, and these are by far the best. They’re tasty and not too small, as some people have claimed. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great in-shell peanuts.
TwannaCamden, OH


For once you get more than you pay for!!They really fill the bag and every peanut tastes the same, great! I need to buy more If you like peanuts in the shell these are tops.
RossanaGales Ferry, CT

Very fresh product

Received these quickly by prime and have not had the quality problem that other reviewers have noted. The nuts are all a good large size and the package had a good expiration date. Did take off one star because the shells seem to be harder to crack than the ones I have had before, could be because I’m getting older.
SorayaPort Gibson, MS

Moldy Shells

I’ve been buying the generic Jewel Foods brand peanuts the past 9 months to get my daughter to have more protein in her diet. When Hampton came out with the baseball labels, I bought the Cubs since I lived on the North side of Chicago almost 20 years near Wrigley Field, not really a baseball fan but a peanut fan that lived on the North side of Chicago. Anyway, so many of the peanuts were moldy on the outside shell (threw them out), or shriveled and black on the inside(threw them out), or not roasted enough and had that moist bite you don’t want in a salted roasted peanut. Very disappointing I will continue to buy the store generic brand which was much better in consistency, taste, roasted and salted quality. Being a Chicagoan my whole life I did wonder if the Cubs bag got the rejects. Only added to the fact that I won’t buy these again.
ClarisaHenry, IL

cheaper at Sam’s

You can get these at Sam’s for about $5.50. Although smaller, they are sweeter than many brands I have sampled. I recommend them for those who don’t mind shelling nuts.
ClevelandBuzzards Bay, MA