Handi Snack, Mr Salty Pretzel N Cheese, 6-Count

This box contained six individual packages, each with eight pretzel sticks and a tub of cheese for dipping. The weird thing was that the outside package was clearly branded as Mister Salty, complete with two different depictions of the Mister Salty mascot, but the six single-serve packages inside were labeled as just Kraft Handi-Sancks, with no sign of Mister Salty anywhere on the package.

Quick facts

  • Case of 6 in a pack of 12 (total of 72 count)
  • The cheese dip was sort of an American cheese and was very soft, almost liquidy
  • When dipping the pretzel into the cheese, the taste was quite acceptable, though certainly nothing fancy

Top reviews

Where Have You Been?

My granddaughter loves pretzels and cheese when she comes home from Pre-school.
Then they dissapeared. I could not find them anywhere for about a year.

I am glad they are back.

AimeeRobert, LA

Great snack

I do not know why more stores do not carry these. The cheese has just the right texture for dipping and has a nice cheesy taste.
KymRose Lodge, OR