Hans Freitag Noblesse, 14-Ounce

Noblesse noir and cookies to go are the latest additions from Hans Freitag. Noblesse noir, a biscuits and wafers assortment, contains chocolate made with a minimum of 50 percent cocoa. Take the cookies to go when you are on the run a snack for your sweet tooth. Hans Freitag are rooted in the traditional baker’s trade and proudly continue to uphold the highest standards in our production of baked goods.

Quick facts

  • Imported from Germany
  • The number 2 selling cookie in our portfolio
  • Hans Freitag is among the largest most automated baker in Germany producing some of the finest cookies
  • The Noblesse bag is a fine filled wafer selection as well as an offering of cookies some are covered in chocolate. Excellent selection
  • Bag offers ease and convenience, and the bag is very eye appealing.

Top reviews

Old World Pleasures

Hans Freitag Noblesse, 14-Ounce (Pack of 6)

These miniature cookies with their intricate patterns and good quality ingredients remind me of my visits to the German Christmas markets in Nuremburg and Cologne. The numerous variety in each pack is astounding, from chocolate covered mini pretzels to delicate flowers, each one with a different pattern of petals around the fruit jelly center to chequerboard pattern butter cookies in chocolate and vanilla and rounds with swirls of chocolate. Each time you dip your hand into the colorful bag, out comes a mini surprise. They make wonderful gifts for each delicately crafted cookie is a conversation piece. A big treat in a small bag.

KarylMarquette, KS


buy these you will not be disappointed. i love them but of course they are not healthy. i bought these for the holidays and everyone tore through them in no time. great for entertaining.
KiraSteele, KY