Hansen’s Natural Cane Soda

In the 1930’s, Hubert Hansen and his three sons began selling fresh, non-pasteurized juices to film studios and retailers in Southern California under the Hansen’s name. In the 1970’s, Tim Hansen, the grandson of Hubert, developed and marketed a variety of Natural sodas and pasteurized shelf stable, 100% juices also under the Hansen’s label. Revolutionary at the time and still today, they have always been free of preservatives, caffeine, sodium, artificial flavors and colors. In 2008 we made a radical shift and said goodbye to high fructose corn syrup and hello to real cane sugar. More than 75 years and 30 real fruit and spice soda flavors later, our Natural and Diet Sodas have a nationwide following of loyal consumers. Real Flavor. Real Natural. That’s how you make a real good soda.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty-four 12 ounce cans of soda (total of 288 ounces)
  • Refreshing, light soda made with fresh grapefruits
  • Sweetened with real sugar, never high fructose corn syrup
  • No caffeine or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • All natural

Top reviews

The best

Fizzy.Yummy. Not too sweet or too tart. Just right. I love Hansens soda but this is my favorite flavor. Warning: it’s addictive !
BrandiePlacerville, CA

Doesn’t taste like grapefruit

I am very disappointed with this beverage, it doesn’t taste like grapefruit at all. It’s fuzzy and tart, more like a lemonade.
Contains: pure triple filtered carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavors with extracts of Florida &/or Veracruz grapefruits.
ThomasPearl City, IL


The sodas are very tasty. Much better than Squirt! The shipping produced a bit a damage to the soda cans. None with holes, but severely dented preventing the ability to drink from the can or to even open the can! About 12 out of the 24 had damage that ranged from dimples and small dents to dents so severe it forced the top of the can to pop up. Soda quality great, but the shipping can use some work.
MohammedRoosevelt, UT