Hapi Hot Wasabi Peas, 9.9-Ounce Tins

Hapi hot wasabi peas, 9.9-ounce tins (Pack of 4) cool green garden peas coated in fiery Japanese wasabi horseradish – a hot snack

Quick facts

  • Pack of four, 9.9-ounce tins(total of 39.6-ounces)
  • A very hot snack
  • Product of Thailand

Top reviews


Wasabi peas are delicious, healthy, natural, and a great alternative to less healthy snacks. However, these particular Wasabi peas are way over priced. You’re much better off buying in bulk, like these excellent Wasabi Peas. They are just as tasty, and much, much cheaper.
MarlenBland, VA

Horseradish Peas

When I first got my order and open the can so I can eat some, I realized These peas aren’t even that hot and didn’t even taste like wasabi. A quick look at the ingredients label confirmed my suspicions when I saw the ingredient Horseradish labeled on it. Unfortunately for me I bought 4 cans.
ShenikaLoda, IL

This snack is the bomb.

Wasabi Hot Peas are delicious. They have just enough heat to make your mouth sing. Crunchy like nuts, and easy to digest. As the old commercial said, ” try it, you’ll like it”. And, if you try it and you don’t like it, SEND THEM TO ME.
ShannaSilsbee, TX


I am practically addicted to wasabi peas and this is definitely the best brand. They’re crunchy and spicy and not hard to chew like some brands I’ve tried. Plus, the Amazon price beats all the stores around here.
LizabethOlivia, NC

Not so hot

I had guests who really like these but I guess I am used to my peas being really hot. I took a can and mixed it up with a package from Trader Joes. Now those are hot! I still think I’ll continue to purchase these because others seem to really like it. They thought these were hot enough.
NilsaNanty Glo, PA

The Best!

I absolutely love these Hapi Wasabi peas! They are delicious & satisfy my salty/spicy cravings. Plus, they help clear out my sinuses!
TasiaGreenville, SC

Wasabi Peas

I purchased the Hapi Wasabi Peas for my parents as a snack that was better for them than the salty chips they were eating. They enjoyed them so much that I have already ordered them twice!
SulemaExcel, AL


Awesome taste, great value…..a must if you like Wasabi peas! Stay fresh container. Hapi is an excellent brand and the container keeps the peas fresh!
ElbaConverse, LA

Wasabi Peas

A close friend of mine at work from Cambodia brought in a bag of Wasabi Peas. It didn’t take long for me to get addicted to them. If you like horseradish you are going to love these wasabi peas. The bite comes in after you have your first handful. They are great snacks to have a work and will also help cleanse your sinuses. I was only able to find a can half this size at the local Meijer Store so I was happy to see Amazon carries the same brand in a bigger can and you can also purchase a four pack to have plenty in stock at home and work.
FelipaNorth Chelmsford, MA

spicy and sweet

these wasabi pees are great. initally when opening can the peas are really charged with the “wasabi” and then as you get further down the can they become less potent, but the flavor of the peas makes you forget that. On a disappointing note the ingredients do not include actual wasabi and only use horseradish. But I have many friends who love this product, and I would purchase it again in no time.
RooseveltGaffney, SC

Great peas! But buy elsewhere

Walmart has 12 of the 9 oz tins for $40 while amazon sells 4 for $27. Big difference! These peas are consistently crunchy and the wasabi is strong and never stale. These are worth the extra money cause other brands are bland compared to these. One thing to keep in mind is that they are addicting. If you eat a cup of these, you wont ba able to taste your dinner cause you taste buds will be shot.
AlexaWellman, TX

Just The Right Amount of Wasabi

I have tried a lot of Wasabi Peas but these are the best because the amount of Wasabi is just right for me. You can still taste the sweetness of the peas mixed with the wasabi. Great for a person on a diet, like me, for a snack. A snack of 24 peas (14 grams) is only 65 calories and very satisfying. I measured the number of peas using my gram scale. I find I must measure them out and only eat 24 for a snack otherwise the entire can is gone, and that is not good for a person on a diet. Great product, will order more and I love the Prime service from Amazon which gives me free 2nd Day Air Shipping. Will buy Amazon stock on the dips. We seem to be buying more stuff now on Amazon than we do locally, I think this will become more of a trend with most folks.
MarionSan Perlita, TX

Not bad

Not the best Wasabi peas but the quality of the peas has been pretty good. The flavor is a little mild but it is a reasonable snack. I’ve had similar products with a little more kick.
MikkiLongton, KS

A good gift.

These things smell and taste like spicy horseradish, great for my boyfriend, no so much for me. They are a nice healthy snack though and I would recommend them to those who like spicy horseradish.
MadonnaWest Harrison, IN

Great but expensive

I’m a wasabi pea fiend. I always have a few peas within reach at my office and at home. These are my favorite brand but they are too expensive.The four pack’s a good deal but if you’re really into wasabi peas, go for bulk orders.
ElwandaNesquehoning, PA