Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Baby Cereal with DHA & Choline, Oatmeal, 7-Ounce Canisters

Say hi to a happier belly. The perfect choice for Baby’s first solid food, Happy Baby Organic Probiotic Cereal is optimized with probiotics, to support digestive health, and fortified with DHA and Choline, to support brain and eye health

Quick facts

  • Formerly “Happy Bellies Oatmeal”
  • 80% Daily Value of Iron
  • 20% Daily Value of Calcium
  • DHA & Choline to supprot brain and eye health
  • Iron for brain development

Top reviews

The can is only half full

I ordered a whole box of 6 cans of the cereal. When I opened the first one, only a little more than half of the can is filled with the cereal. Well, I thought I got a lemon. I opened another can, surprise, the similar half full amount. It turned out all 6 cans were just like that. Why would they use such a big can when they only fill half of it? Although I like the ingredient, I will never buy the brand again. It’s not the way to do a honest business. So I am not going to trust its listed nutrition.
ScotLempster, NH

Overpriced, incorrect portions

I found this product at my local Whole Foods for significantly less, which is shocking considering Whole Foods isn’t exactly known for low prices – and I purchased in bulk on Amazon so the per unit price definitely should have been better. Also, infant cereal is supposed to be 1/4 cup of dry cereal to 2 oz. of liquid, which is what it says on this container, but the cereal is way too thick when you make it like that. The instructions say that 1/4 cup is 14 grams of cereal, which is not true; I weighed it myself and came up with about double that in grams. So I have no idea whether the nutrition facts apply to the 14g or the 1/4 cup. My daughter seems to like the cereal, though she definitely prefers the multigrain and oatmeal from this brand.
SavannahBinghamton, NY

Read ingredients carefully.

I bought the pack of 6 box. When it arrived and I inspected the nutrition label I saw that it has sugar in it. This is the reason why I gave this product such a low rating.

The other organic cereal I use does not, and I would like to return this.
As this is a grocery item, I am not able to. I wish amazon gave nutrition information on the products they are selling so I didn’t have to be stuck with this! (My fault really, could have gone on another website and checked it out).

JannetteVolney, VA

Be careful! May be dangerous.

I bought one of the oatmeal from wholefood and fed it to my baby right away. I was happy about it because she loved it. But after a couple of weeks, one day when my Mom fixed the cereal, she asked me why it has the bad smell. I smelled it, and it does(it’s not very strong but does has the smell like when all the nuts or rice turn bad)! I smelled the “Earth’s best” one I have and it smells pefectly normal. Then I remembered I got a Happy Bellies multi-grain cereal before from […]. It had not been opened and expires on March 2010. I opened it right away and it has a VERY strong bad smell. It makes me sick for several minutes and feel like there will be something fly out of it! I was really scared! You’d better be careful too since baby won’t taste it and you may not find it before it’s really bad! I feel so sorry for my baby since I know it’s really bad to her health, much worse then giving her non-organic cereal. I won’t ever buy the product again no matter how my baby likes it. It makes me really upset and I want to give it negative 5 starts if I could.
BTW, I submitted this reviw to […] but they didn’t publish it. I just hope everyone smell the oat before you give it to your baby.
ElinorGoodwin, SD

contains arsenic

All rice cereal contains arsenic which may cause cancer. Check with your pedeatrician and see if you can switch to oatmeal instead which this brand carries as well. You can google rice cereal and arsenic for more information. I will not be feeding my baby any rice after reading about arsenic.
ClassieEden, MD


Amazon has a hell of a nerve charging $60 for a case of 6 happy bellies cereal when anywhere else it is $3.19 each can!!
AishaRockford, MI

Perfect for an upset stomach

I had something wrong with my stomach and didn’t want to eat for a couple of weeks, but knew I had to. I ate this with some cinnamon and it didn’t upset my stomach at all.
HerlindaRochester, VT

Rice and Oatmeal Cereals – Toxic Hexane

The can of oatmeal clearly says they use Life’s DHA (manufactured by Martek). If you research Martek (including their own site), you will find that they use hexane to extract the DHA from algae. Shame on Happy Baby for lying to parents by saying that they do not use any DHA extracted with hexane. Will never reccommend this product to anyone.

Also, all the cans that I opened smelled rancid. I prefer Gerber Organic with Smart Nourish instead.

ElaneComo, TN

Rancid Batch

We have loved this product until the last few days. As I was playing w/my daughter who is 20 months, she said “mommy tummy hurts” and I heard it gurgling. Her dad heard and said: “…well I opened a new can of Oatmeal yesterday, and it smelled horrible, looks very different than past cans”. Sure enough, I opened it and it was horrible smelling and looked bad (as noted in other reviews, dark grey flakes mixed in, much darker than normal). There MUST be something wrong – I plan to contact the company tomorrow and would NOT recommend right now.
GeorgieWest Creek, NJ

She loves her Happy Bellies oatmeal

Our 7 month old was exclusively breastfed until 6 months when we started slowly introducing solids. Her food is about 50% homemade purees and 50% jarred/pouched baby food (Earth’s Best, Happy Babies, and Plum Organics). We tried sweet potato as her first food but it didn’t go over well, so we decided to try something bland and smooth but didn’t want to give her a processed white rice cereal. We picked up the Happy Bellies oatmeal and it was a hit! Now when introducing a new food I’ll mix up a bit of the oatmeal and blend it with the fruit or veggie puree to help her adjust to the new flavor.

Plum Organics has an oatmeal that also has probiotics and my parents have purchased it to keep at their house (we go for dinner once a week). I much prefer the packaging, texture, and ease of mixing/smoothness of the Happy Bellies oatmeal. Happy Bellies also has DHA, which Plum Organics does not.

LibbyTitonka, IA

problems with recent batch

My first can of Happybellies oatmeal was cream-colored and odorless, my second can was greenish-brown and smelled rancid (I immediately threw it out), and the third can was also greenish-brown in color but smelled a little less rancid. Serious quality issues considering the high price and brand image. I don’t recommend this oatmeal until they acknowledge and resolve this issue.
GayeRhome, TX

If you have gotten a bad can, read this!

I contacted Happy Bellies after purchasing what appeared to be a bad can at my local target. They responded within one business day. Below is an excerpt of their response to me. I thought other parents would appreciate this information.

“I can tell you that this is a wholly organic, minimally processed product, and as such, it’s subject to slight changes in the organic crop year, season, etc. Also, since this is drum dried (thin film on a hot steel rolling dryer), changes in drum temp can occasionally cause more browning than normal. Also, this product (BELLIES cereal) is on what’s called a “positive release” program, which means that product cannot be released for sale until the required testing comes back acceptable. The fact that it was for sale tells me it passed those tests…
Right now, I feel as though rough handling (trucks, forklifts, shelf stockers, etc.) has caused damage, most likely leading to a seam leak. Since we flush the can with nitrogen, a seam leak allows air (oxygen) into the can, which can cause a set of oxidation reactions. These are responsible for off flavours/colours/odours, but other than that, are harmless, and do not pose a food safety threat to your son.”

I believe in this product and their commitment to customers. Hopefully they will resolve these issues soon, but knowing that the product is safe is most important to me–even if the color is off.

VashtiWrangell, AK

baby Olivia and her mom just love it!

I feel like a responsible grandma deciding to purchase HAPPYBELLIES for my baby granddaughter…..knowing she is consuming probiotics to boost her fragile immune system……thank you!
CarlitaHaiku, HI

big container

I love organic food for my children and this multigrain cereal is the best so far, only it come is a huge container that is only half full, what a waist… I like to be earth friendly and I don’t like over packaging like this.
Otherwise good product
FredericaSaco, ME

Awesome product

This product has exceeded our expectations. I come from a family with sensitive diets and this one has passed the test. Also, super great nutritional content here.
MarleenFort Necessity, LA

Thought the grayish color was normal…

I’ve been buying Happy Bellies for the past 6 months (though I didn’t use it exclusively… I also tried other brands). I’d say I’ve bought probably 5 or 6 cans so far. Unlike most of the reviewers here who opened a seemingly bad can, most of my cans have been grayish/greenish color! I thought it was a bit weird that the color/consistency/smell is different from the other brands, but since the “quality” I got has been consistent (consistently bad…), I didn’t think too much of it. And then one day I finally got one that looks “normal”… I did some search on the internet and realized that I’ve been giving my baby bad oatmeal!!!! I feel so bad. I hope the company does something about it, and that FDA investigates on this issue. Has anyone reported this yet?
CharaPounding Mill, VA

Yep, They Changed the Formula…

This cereal has changed for the gross. I didn’t buy my latest can on Amaon, rather Target, so it’s obviously a Happy Bellies issue & not Amazon. The color of the cereal is a nasty grey/green and it smells awful. I was wondering why my babies weren’t really that enthusiastic about eating. I like the added DHA & probiotics, but looks like I’ll be going back to Earth’s Best Oatmeal cereal. Another company trying to skimp out on high quality ingredients, just to make a quick buck.
RustyPreemption, IL

Too bad

We really like the Happy Bellies cereal, but this time, it came at a price! It arrived smelling like cigarette smoke! I won’t even feed it to my baby! The box smelled horrible, and I just figured it was the delivery driver. Then when I opened it up, the canisters smelled too. I don’t think this is standard practice-as we’ve ordered the cereal in the past with no problems.
CharlieBrockwell, AR


It’s a good product. Nothing special, nothing exciting. My son is allergic to milk and soy so I tried it. He didn’t love it more than Beechnut oatmeal and it’s quite expensive. It’s fine though.
LynBrundidge, AL

Great Ingredients – lousy taste

Great Ingredients – lousy taste

I bought this item for its Great Ingredients – but it has a bad taste.
I have to mix this cereal with another organic oatmeal so the baby will eat it.

LeeJefferson, WI

Buyer beware

We used to love this product feeding it to our son twice a day for several months. About 3 months ago, we opened a can and there was definitely something wrong with it. The consistency was clumpy instead of the normal light, fluffy flakes. The color was off as well. The most notable change was the terrible smell. I did contact the company and they responded to me right away. The answer made some sense and it has been quoted by others here in this forum. My problem now is that it just makes no sense! How on earth is there no recall or some other investigation of this product by the FDA? It was very noticeable that it all but disappeared off of store shelves and online stores for a few weeks. The price here on Amazon has gone way up. I was still buying it but will no longer. I was still opening cans that were rancid and others that are not. It is not cheap so I can’t afford to keep playing the guessing game on my dime.
JudyBarnum, MN

foul odor

I purchased 3 containers of this cereal all having expiration dates in 2012. The first container I opened seemed fine (at least I hope it is! I fed it to my 5 month old!) The cereal color was a pale whitish-tan and there was relatively no odor to it. Baby likes it so I am happy. The second container I opened (again, same packaging, and good expiration date) had a totally different color – this time it was brownish-green. However, the worst part was the rancid smell. It smells like rancid oil. I opened the third container – same brownish-green color and and same rancid smell. Very unhappy with this product. I have contacted the company, but have had no reply yet. I would not recommend feeding this to your baby.
GenieNorth Salem, NH

Production Problem?!

The cereals had a weird odour and also the colour is a slight tinge of greenish/greyish. Even though, the tins were originally sealed and expiry date is in 2012!

Is there a production problem for the cereals? Perhaps amazon.com should do a sample check!

This is a serious problem and should be investigated immediately as the cereals are meant for our dear babies!

TyeshaSwea City, IA

multigrain version does not appeal to either of my twins

My now 1 yr old babies love the rice and oatmeal versions of this cereal, but hate the multigrain version. Pity that I tried it out
as an amzn multipack, guess it will go into my second harvest bin. Like other reviewers mentioned, it has a slightly stale
smell to it — perhaps they don’t wash the quinoa enough before processing it? I taste everything my babies eat, and have
to mention that it does not have the melt in the mouth texture of the other two besides not tasting good. My babies will eat quinoa for eg
when I cook it for family meals. And amaranth in flakes from their brother’s cereals. Buy a single can from whole foods
or target etc before buying a multi pack. They won’t even eat it if I put in one tablespoon to 5 of rice cereal. Ended up just tossing the open can.
Either of these is fantastic. HAPPYBELLIES Brown Rice Cereal Contains DHA and Probiotics, Organic, 7-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 6)HAPPYBELLIES Oatmeal Cereal, Organic, Contains DHA and Probiotics, 7-Ounce Containers (Pack of 6)
ChristiniaThorndale, TX

Great Product

My son has eaten cereal since he was 3 months old. He ABSOLUTELY LOVES this cereal. Its consistency is grainy, not mushy like most cereals. When I’ve tried to give him other cereals he can TELL the difference. This also promotes a healthy GI tract, which is great for my son because he get constipated from time to time.
TressaMaximo, OH

Spoiled Case!

We used this cereal when my daughter was a baby 2 years ago and it was great. I ordered a case recently for my 8 month old son and it was spoiled! Amazon was great and refunded my money, but I am so disappointed with HAPPYBELLIES. There are obviously some major quality control issues that need to be addressed. I will be ordering baby cereal from a different company as I just can’t bring myself to trust HAPPYBELLIES anymore.
AnastaciaNorth Carrollton, MS

Had been wonderful until September 2010 – now bad color/smell

My son (now 9 months old) has been eating HAPPYBELLIES organic oatmeal cereal twice a day since he was 6 months old, and loves it. So I love it too – until recently. The last container I bought had a different color and smell. All our cereal until now had been a cream-ish color, soft and flaky in texture and smelled like, well, oats. Not anymore. The recent batch had cereal that had black/gray-ish flakes mixed with the regular-looking oat flakes, and it smelled horrible, almost like mold or really, really rancid oil. I had bought that batch from […] and they promptly issued a refund. Now I’m a fix as to what to feed my baby! I don’t want to experiment with an unfamiliar brand given how much he loves this one, but again I don’t want him to eat what clearly doesn’t look or smell like food.

Can someone, from either Amazon or HAPPYBELLIES, please repond to this and other similar concerns and put them to rest?

FelicitasSneads Ferry, NC

Baby developed yeast diaper rash after trying this cereal

I have been giving my 8 month old happy bellies for the last month and noticed that after a process of elimination, this cereal has caused my baby to have a yeast diaper rash. She loved eating it so I gave it to her daily. I’ve done everything to take care of her diaper rash but it persisted even after I started applying nystatin which her pediatrician prescribed. I then decided to eliminate foods and monitor what happened to the rash and identified the happy bellies as the culprit. It’s too bad because I thought that the probiotics would do her good but instead she’s developed an annoying yeast diaper rash. Has anyone else’s baby had any allergic reactions to this cereal?
MarisStearns, KY

Smells stale

I love this brand and my baby loves the oatmeal cereal. But I decided to try the multigrain and NEVER again. My baby hated it & I didn’t blame her because it smelled really stale. Try the oatmeal cereal & forget about this one!!!
ShereeBlair, WI


My son loves this cereal. After trying multiple brands, this is the cereal he loves the best. It makes a perfect puree with no lumps, which is his general probelm with other brands. I feel good giving it to him as a mom because it does not contain soy, dairy, wheat or gluten. It is also made without many of the fancy preservatives that are found in other more conventional brands. We can’t wait to try the other varieties!
VanceMays, IN