Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs, Kale & Spinach, 2.1 Ounce

Parents, meet your pantry’s unsung hero. Happy Baby Puffs are a melt-in-your-mouth organic snack fortified with Choline for eye and brain health. Irresistible in taste and texture, they’re perfect for teaching babies tactility and self-feeding!

Quick facts

  • Formerly “Greens”
  • 10% Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • 15% Daily Value of Vitamin E
  • 20mg of Choline to support brain & eye health
  • Certified Organic
  • Made with whole grains and the natural flavor of green vegetables–gives your baby variety and builds growing palettes
  • Pack of six 2.1-ounce containers
  • They are all organic with 100% natural ingredients, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetic modifications, and no preservatives–contains half the sugar as compared to other leading brands
  • Good source of iron, vitamin D, calcium, and B vitamins
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • HAPPYBABY is committed to providing families with the healthiest, most optimal nutrition possible
  • Puffs are gluten free! They are made with organic brown rice flour and sweetened with 100% fruit juice

Top reviews

Sweet flavor instead of Greens flavor

I try to buy organic when I can. These puffs received great reviews, and advertise their low sugar content. The “Greens” flavor made me think that… they will taste like greens! It seemed like a great find.

Well, there might be “greens” in these puffs but you sure can’t taste any of it.

What do they taste like?
They taste sweet- an outer coating of sweetness, followed by a rice puff flavor. I do not agree with another reviewer who says that they are “just like Cheerios”.

Sugar content-
They might have only 0.5g of sugar per serving, but compared with Cheerios this is still double the sugar (those have 1 in 28g). Not that Cheerios are the measure for all baby snacks, and they are certainly not organic, but they are at least not sweet tasting.

You will receive a box with six plastic dispensers similar to the ones you get for wipes. Each container contains 2.1 oz (60 g) of rice puffs. The containers are so light you could think they are empty. The packaging is complete overkill.

No wonder babies may like these- they taste sweet!

CristineParis, ME

Beware of Soy Lecithin!

I was going to purchase this until I saw that it has Soy Lecithin in it. Soy is estrogenic and Soy Lecithin in particular is like the crap they scrape off the floor. They pump it into everything and is NOT good for you. Why is it so hard to find food without this crap in it? Especially in food that is supposed to be good for you because it is organic!
MahaliaMcnary, AZ

Beware of Soy Lecithin!

I was going to purchase this until I saw that it has Soy Lecithin in it. Soy is estrogenic and Soy Lecithin in particular is like the crap they scrape off the floor. They pump it into everything and is NOT good for you. Why is it so hard to find food without this crap in it? Especially in food that is supposed to be good for you because it is organic!
StuartVernon Center, MN

not ready yet

I heard about this product in Australia and so had someone who was coming bring me back 12. My child does not like them a I think he is too young. Because he is only 6 months he has only had soft pureed food and is therefore not used to something that is harder. But I am going to kep trying when he gets older and see how he goes. They are an amazing product and I really hope he comes around
IkePedricktown, NJ

Beware of Soy Lecithin!

I was going to purchase this until I saw that it has Soy Lecithin in it. Soy is estrogenic and Soy Lecithin in particular is like the crap they scrape off the floor. They pump it into everything and is NOT good for you. Why is it so hard to find food without this crap in it? Especially in food that is supposed to be good for you because it is organic!
MicaSugar Loaf, NY


They don’t taste good and are way too expensive. The company is not responsive and uses misleading advertisement. Subpar products.
VictorinaTornillo, TX

Avoid this flavor

My daughter gobbles puffs up like they’re manna from heaven… “Puff” is one of the first words she attempted to say… But this particular flavor she has totally rejected. She gets furious when I try to feed her this, as if I’m trying to fool her by giving her something that resembles her beloved puffs but tastes like rubber.
JanettBaltimore, MD


We Love these… our baby loves these. You can read all the other reviews to find out why. I’m curious as to why anyone would pay $5-6 per container PLUS shipping here, when you can get them at Target or Vons for $2.99 or less. It is rare I find something on Amazon being sold for MORE than the competition. Shop elsewhere for these!!!
MigdaliaBlue Creek, WV

has gluten

well, i got excited when i saw these at whole foods. Popped em open and gave some to my 9 mos old. After i reviewed the ingredient list I saw it contains wheat. Oh well. sticking with the plum organic puffs for now.
EliseBouse, AZ

why so much plastic!?

nice snack for babies melts easily. my 6 mo loves it. My only issue is the container. Why such a big plastic pack and no available refills. Such a waste! I am looking for puffs that come in a more sustainable bag.
SerinaMayhill, NM

There is NO SOY in these puffs!

I read one of the reviews that says there is soy lecithin in puffs-I double checked the label on the container that lists ingredients. There is NO SOY, NO CORN and NO DAIRY. The puffs are great-USDA organic and the container is BPA-free. Nice choice for my little one:)
CatharineHudson, NC

Yummy and fun, but contains wheat and soy

I use them as soup croutons ot in a yogurt.
but after I realized (thanks to another reviewer) that they contain soy, I will not buy them anymore.
CourtneyThorntown, IN

My baby LOVES these

These are a big hit with my baby. I don’t think they taste like anything but apparently he thinks they taste great. I like that they are organic and contain kale & spinach. I also like that they seem to melt in his mouth pretty quickly.
TommySt Thomas, VI

they taste like styrofoam

I’m not sure why everyone is so crazy about these. My kid will hardly touch them, and i can’t blame him. They taste like styrofoam. Maybe one in five tastes like styrofoam with a slight banana glaze. They do melt nicely in the mouth if you only eat one or two at a time, but if you shove a whole handful into your mouth, they dissolve into some sort of paste-like slag.

Everyone’s got different taste, and maybe my kid’s just a little bit unusual, but these were a total flop. The only use we’ve gotten at all is using the container like a giant rattle.

MorrisMantee, MS

No mess low sugar puffs for baby

I love the low sugar and that they are made from organic ingredients.
I am always looking for a healthy low sugar alternative to Graham crackers that don’t make a mess.
I use to buy mmm-mmms that Until I Read on the lable that they are manufactured in china, which I just dont trust.
These happy baby puffs have been great. So far my son has tried the green puffs and sweet potato
And loves he them.
DorettaWest, MS

NO flavor!

Not sure why these are labled “banana” because they have ZERO flavor of any kind. Taste like dry cardboard! Even cheerios have a “taste.” My 10 month old loves puffs but spits these out. Tried mixing them in a bowl with another brand of banana puffs and these still always get spit out. Guess they are going in the trash. SO glad I didn’t order a 6pk of these!
TheodorePenn, ND

low calorie nice taste but expensive

the cereal tastes good and is very low calorie. It was recommended on a website for weight watcher snacks. My only complaint is the packaging and the price.
BertieGilliam, MO

My toddler loves these

Not only do my 3 year old like these but my 6 month old stares them down and can’t wait to try them!I can’t wait etiher, they are so much healthier than the other brands.
CandelariaElaine, AR

Puffs Please!

Both my one year old and my 3 year old love these. We only have tried the Green Puffs, but they are a hit at our house. I like how they have less sugar and the kids don’t seem to notice. The other brands seemed to make them so hyper.
StephenieHerndon, KY

My 9 month old loves these

Between 7 and 8 months I started my baby on Cheerios, until I found Puffs. They truly melt in his mouth and the nutritional value exceeds Cheerios. He would sit and eat Puffs all day if I let him. The banana does not have much flavor, but I also bought the apple and it have more flavor. Either way, the baby loves them the same.
PandoraQuinn, SD

AWESOME munchies for kids!

These are great! My 10 month old LOVES these, eats them all the time and even seems to like them better than Gerber puffs. I like that they melt so easily and don’t have junk in them. When I first found these here, I wasn’t so keen on having to get a pack of 6 because, well, what if my kid did not like them? But my son likes them a ton so very worth it. The container is bigger than I had expected, but almost completely full so good deal. I just transfer a handful into a small travel container for taking some on the go. What a great find!
ChantelleEustis, ME

Can’t Get Enough Of Those Puffs!

My baby is in love with these puffs. When we bring out the container, he gets so excited! They melt nicely in his mouth, which is good because he sometimes likes to stuff his mouth with a few at a time. Not only are they (to my knowledge the only) organic puffs, but they also have a fraction of the sugar compared to other brands.

My baby loves the green, banana, and apple flavors. I’ve tasted them too (I couldn’t resist), and they’re not too shabby. After all, I would never feed anything to my baby that I couldn’t stand to eat myself.

As far as the quantity goes, I was at first wary of buying a 6-pack. However, my baby loves these so much, that we’ll definitely use them before he outgrows them or they expire.

BlossomJerome, MI

Great in theory, not so good in taste

I bought these because I was looking for an alternative to Gerber puffs for several reasons, including the sugar content and their corporate parent. These had good reviews so I decided to give them a try. Good: organic, not made by large corporate company, low sugar and all natural. My complaints are the following: 1) they taste stale right out of the package. My baby probably doesn’t know the difference, but to me the texture is soggy and chewy. 2) They don’t taste like anything. Yes, I know I wanted less sugar but I assumed they’d taste like something! I bought the apple variety, so perhaps another flavor would be more interesting but these seriously taste like nothing. 3) the top doesn’t stay closed very well. AS I mentioned earlier, they come out tasting stale from the get-go, but the fact that the top doesn’t stay shut very well makes them ridiculously stale within days. Unfortunately I cannot recommend these.
MaryWapella, IL


It is my fault becasue i did not see it the first time I read the ingredients, but THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS WHEAT. Our DR. told us not to give the baby wheat until after 12 months as early introduction to wheat has been conlusively linked to gluten intolerance/celiac disease later in life. So now I ave just bought a product that will sit in the cubboard for the next 4 months….oh well!
NenaPrentice, WI

some of puffs are burnt??

I used to purchase them at wholefoods market. I bought a pack of 6 green puffs at Amazon, and half of puffs in the containers are burnt. It tastes a little bitter and the seasonings are all concentrated and sticking to most of puffs. I never had this problem when I got those at wholefoods. I thought it was only the one container that is defected, but I was wrong. I’m a little scared to make another S&S purchase on this item. Am I the only one having this issue??
LyndsayMorrow, OH

My daughter is hooked on these…

My friend gave us a package of these that her son had outgrown. We were using the Gerber banana puffs and I did not think our baby would like these Green puffs (Spinach, Collard Greens and Kale). She does not like peas or green vegetables very much. Boy was I wrong! She loves these things. They are by far her favorite (second favorite: Gerber Peach flavor).

These are a great value here on Amazon especially if you do the subscribe & save. The HappyBaby puffs give you 40% more puffs in a container than the Gerber variety, so consider that when purchasing. These puffs are a little “poofier” – softer – than the Gerber variety and maybe a tiny bit larger. Neither is bad or good, just an observation. These are a big hit in my household, and I figure at least she’s getting a few green vegetables in her diet somehow. 🙂 I agree with the other reviewer that they kind of taste like a Cheerio, but you do get a bit of that vegetable taste on the “finish”…

JuleeHurley, VA

Son loves them

My son loves these puffs. They are organic, contain very low sugar, and even the container is bpa free. I have had a few problems with the lids popping off which resulted in lost puffs and sometimes the puffs go stale quickly. I contacted the manufacturer and was told that they were aware of the problem and have since fixed it. I have yet to receive a new shipment to test it out.
IrisIvesdale, IL


My grandson loves these. They are a great snack when he’s waiting on his regular food. Also great for developing fine motor skills:)
TwanaFairhope, AL

Healthy On the Go Snack!

PUFFS have been a lifesaver! I keep them in my diaper bag for those occasions when my daughter needs a snack to keep her happy and me sane…like trips to the grocery store or post office. They are also a great snack to take to the park – I mix them with HappyMelts to make a baby trail mix. And they taste great! I catch myself stealing them from my toddler. I also like that they are sweetened with apple juice and not sugar! Buying organic is also important to me!
OzieWoods Cross, UT

Makes Mommy’s Job Easy

This product is a great way to make sure you little ones eat healthy without all the fuss. My kids love the taste and I love the organic ingredients. Baby and toddler are happy and well fed. I love any product that makes my life easier and this is one I give 5 stars.
AuroraConvoy, OH