Happy Times Yummy Yogis, Caramel Yogurt and Apple Bits, 1.1-Ounce Package

Happy Baby Happy Times Yummy Yogis Organic Caramel Yogurt and Apple Bits – Case of 30 Pouches – 1.1 oz

Quick facts

  • Great for Preschoolers and Kids Lunchboxes
  • Pre and Probiotics for Digestive Health
  • Organic Goodness: All Happy Family Products are USDA certified organic
  • 100% Natural: We support sustainable agriculture. No pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no genetically modified organisms.
  • At Happy Family, everything we do is focused on putting the wellbeing of children first. We always strive to select the safest, healthiest, and most environmentally friendly options available both in the ingredients we use and in our packaging. Happy Times is our brand new line of delicious, organic kids lunchbox snacks. Each snack is as healthy as it is tasty and comes in a convenient snack sized package complete with a spot for a note from Mom. Yummy Yogis are our tasty freeze-dried caramel yogurt and apple bits that melt in your mouth!

Top reviews

Sticky, not for kids

I purchased these for my daughter who’s 3 and tried them myself. The caramel bits are so sticky they keep sticking to my teeth. I will not give them to my kids, for safety reasons and for dental health reasons.
NievesGray, GA

Beware! So tasty they cause trouble!

A hit. Healthy. Tasty. Memorable. Can’t say enough. Fussy eaters will gobble them up! I have been studying the ingredients and can not find anything to complain about. Not one criticism. Good price. Free shipping. Thanks Amazon.
LavernOrangevale, CA

Perfect for my daugter’s lunchbox!!

These are so great!! I love that they contain the pre and probiotics. My daughter was getting sick of always having only fruit as her desert in her lunchbox when so many of her friends had brownies and cookies and your basic junk snacks. I sent these with her to school and her friends were trying to trade their snacks for hers!!! I sent extra for her friends the next day!
JulianneHarrisonville, PA

Perfect for school snacks

My kids school made parents sign a pledge to only send healthy snacks this year. I was having trouble finding something all three of my kids could agree upon until we found these YOGIS! They are delicious and the perfect size for a quick, but mess-less snack.
CarissaSaddle River, NJ

Can’t Have Just One (pack!)

I love to send these with my kids (ages 6 and 3) to school for a treat in their lunches or at snack time. They LOVE them, and would grab a pack of yummy yogis over candy any day. With just 4g of sugar (and NOTHING artificial), these can’t be beat as a healthy alternative to satisfy even the fussiest sweet tooth (my 3 year old). I love that they come in single serve packages, and the place on the back to write a note to the kiddos is just precious. The only problem with these … it’s hard to keep them stocked in this house for very long (and I am partially responsible for that ;))!!
ChariseStrum, WI

Name says it all!!

The Happy Times YUMMY YOGIS are so YUMMY! Great size to carry in my purse! My children love these! Great flavor in every bite!
ReaWrentham, MA

YUMMY IS right!

The name says it all! These are some Yummy Yogis. We loved the melts when our son was younger, and he LOVES these now that he is older. We love the texture, and the taste. YY are a huge hit with various ages. I love them too! We love Happy Family!
YahairaVillamont, VA


The first time I gave these to my son, he gave me a weird face. But then, he couldn’t get enough of them! He used to really enjoy the HappyMelts when he was younger but has grown out of them, so I’m delighted they came out with these. I love that they come in individual packs he can handle himself. We also took some of these to a playdate once and all the toddlers gobbled them down! It’s so reassuring knowing I’m feeding my son (and his friends) healthy, organic snacks instead of the other unhealthy options you so often see on the shelves.
MoraMarcella, AR

Satisfies our sweet tooth

We are getting ready for 1st grade over here and I have been looking for some organic snacks to pack for my son for school. We have tried these (and others from this line) and have really liked them! They are very tasty and sweet enough to satisfy our sweet tooth. The caramel and apple combo is a big hit with my son and his friends. I love that they are organic, and as such they do not contain any dyes, GMOs or preservatives. Two big thumbs up from my 6 year old means that these are definitely going on the school lunch list!
The backs of the packages have a spot to leave a “happy” note for your child – perfect for our son learning to read. He loves to find notes from me in his lunches!
ArmandaVolney, VA

Can’t have just one!!!!

What a great product, usually kids food doesn’t have much of a taste. That is not the case for this excellent product, my husband and my 14 month old son can’t have just one, they absolutely love it!!!!!! As a mom I know he is having a great snack, which is healthy with not dyes, pesticides and is made out real fruits. I don’t have to chose between taste or healthy because the Yummy Yogis contains both.
MerrileeDacula, GA

A New Favorite

I’ve never seen these in stores and only found them on Amazon because they were suggested to me based on previous purchases. My son LOVES them. I’ve even found myself snacking on them. They are delicious! They are very easily dissolved in his mouth so I never worry about him choking. We always have them on hand in the diaper bag now. The snack size pouches are perfect for that.
StephenieModel City, NY