Haribo Assorted Mini Frogs, 16 Oz.

Haribo Mini Gummy Candy Frogs with jelly-like fruit flavored candy top and marshmallow belly. Arrives our cello bag tied with curling ribbon.

Quick facts

  • Sold in 1 pound bags
  • Product of Haribo
  • Made in Hungary

Top reviews

Ta Ta Ta Ta Tasty Tasty!!!!

I have become addicted to these little guys! I became a fan of the larger green ones 2 years ago because of my Utah friends but then i found the mini frogs and they are even better due to the variety of flavors! They come in a large 5 lb bag but go in a matter of minutes! I will be ordering these many times over and my roommate… well lets just say she now wakes up in the middle of the night screaming HARIBO!!!!!
ViolaDelbarton, WV