Haribo Gummy Candy, Super Cola Bottles, 5–Pound Bag

Super-sized gummy cola bottles which taste just like real cola. These 4-inch candies will quench your thirst for a tasty treat. It is available in 5-pound bags only, contains approximately 18 pieces per pound.

Quick facts

  • Tastes just like real cola
  • 4 inch candies in gummy cola bottle shape
  • Quench your thirst for a tasty treat
  • Will get blown with the unique taste

Top reviews

i learned my lesson…

i bought this 5 pound bag of candy because the reviews were all beaming about how good these are and i’ve bought the gummy frogs in the past and liked those so i thought i’d give this a try. These are gross… not only that, but they’re huge. i recommend the gummi frogs as a better alternative. Now i know to try out the candy in a smaller portion first,before investing in my next 5 pound bag. 2 stars because well it’s not fair to people who like these to say they are absolutely terrible, but still, now i have a 5 pound bag of candy i have to get rid of.
LavetaRochester, IL

Tasted terrible

We bought these cola flavored candies for my son to pass out in class while doing his presentation on the inventor of Coke, John Pemberton. They taste TERRIBLE, and there was no way we could use them. They were a waste of our money.
ShawneeTopton, NC

Good texture, ok value, taste not strong enough

I bit into this expecting it to taste like coke, but it really has a vague taste, and if you didn’t tell me the flavor of it, i wouldn’t have guessed it.

but like all haribo gummies, the texture is very good.

FloranceDesert Hot Springs, CA

bit larger than i thought

Just thought it was a large bag of the small ones, but it was a large bag of the huge bottles, still good enjoyed
LloydDurants Neck, NC

Super Gummi Cola Bottles….Super Value & Flavor!

First of all I would like to say that HANDS DOWN, Haribo makes the best Gummi Candies. It’s true! If you’ve ever tried another brand, you’d know, and once you try Haribo, you’d never go back!

These Haribo Gummi Candy Super Cola Bottles, are just Bursting with Flavor! They are soft and chewy. (But not so soft that they are sticky and stick to your teeth)! I’ve loved these since I was young and now my son loves them too. They come in a delicious cola flavor and they are huge pieces of candy! These are not small like the bears, at all. They’re a great snack and most people can eat them because they’re not a “chocolate-type candy” where you’d have to worry about allergies.

They arrived at my home fresh,delicious and full of flavor. To keep
them this way, I put them into two different “freezer type bags” and of course, I kept some out. Everyone that’s stopped by has had the temptation to eat some and that’s OK. I bought this HUGE five pound bag!

Speaking of the Five Pound Bag, the price for this is a true VALUE! These cost so much at the market or candy store at the mall per pound! And these are the same exact cola bottles that you get there, without the worry that everyone has touched them or how long they’ve been out in the open before you came along to scoop them up in your bag! That’s a big plus for me!

I definitely recommend these gummi super cola bottles, they are a sweet
and delicious treat and the VALUE is phenomenal! I will definitely be ordering more super cola bottles, plus a few different kinds of other gummis as well. Simply because, we all have our favorites!

JodieAnmoore, WV

Remember biting the top and pretending to drink the cola out?

I do… Every time I eat one of these gummies I am reminded of my youth…
LakeishaSmoaks, SC


Super fresh gummi colas! Not like the stale american knock offs! These were great!
JonelleDouglas City, CA


These are very yummy. I used to eat the gummy coke bottles all the time in Germany where I grew up. If you like gummy candy, eat these!
LavoniaMartinsburg, IA

Super Cola Bottles

LOVE these! These are a great treat at any age. I bagged the giant cola bottles, giant crocs and gummy bears in a treat bag for my 4th grade students. They were savoring the giant cola bottles. I don’t blame them. I find myself chomping on them, too. I don’t even like coca cola.
JacobElk River, ID

If you LOVE gummies, this is IT!

I love these large size cola gummies even more than the regular size ones! If you love the chewy gummy texture, you probably can’t stop eating them! Not too sweet, just PERFECT!
NadinePalm Harbor, FL

Very big

I didn’t realize when I bought them they were so big I just thought they were little bottles . They still have the same great taste.
TianaCranks, KY

Great candy and price!!!

I just love this candy I remember eating these when I was A child. And this is the first time i’ve come across these in years. The price is right and the taste is the same good and chewy just how I remember.
ShaunaDime Box, TX

Giant and Yummy!

I was a little afraid that these wouldn’t taste as good as the original smaller version. They’re actually better, plus very fresh and soft!
DonnieOcean Gate, NJ


Not much to say really, just that these are awesome! They are just like the original, but over 2″ tall! AWESOME!!!
SamCottleville, MO

Reminds me of childhood

Nearly 30 years ago, I lived in Germany where I first tried the Haribo Cola Gummies. I was hooked from the first bite. When I moved back to the US in ’83, I was unable to find them. Then, about 8 years ago, I found them at a local candy store and was hooked again, but didn’t like how stale they were, nor the price I was paying. Then, I found these on Amazon and havent turned back since. Thank you Amazon!
LatrishaHookstown, PA

coke bottle gummys

very fresh soft and moist with great cola taste. I think I said every thing I need to in 9 words.
AlphaCarlisle, IN

Soft, fresh and half the price

I buy these because they are my wife’s current favorite candy. I can get them locally but they cost more then twice as much, even after shipping costs, and are not as fresh as the ones I get through Amazon. The ones I get are soft, fresh, have more flavor then the exact same ones I can get locally that have sat in a plastic container waiting to be purchased. I usually split the five pound bags into one pound ziplock bags but if kept from the air they stay fresh and soft.
DeloraKeller, VA


These tast the same as the little coke bottle but are about 5 inches long. Awesome! Also these are among the freshest gummy candy’s i’ve ever had.
DominqueOrrstown, PA


These are the BEST. Love the smaller ones. Love these even more. I LOVE Haribo Gummy’s!
ChantalGreenview, IL

The real Deal

The authentic Large Cola Bottle.We used to get these as kids growing up in Ireland.These are the exact same ones.Buying in bulk such as a bag like this saves a fortune over Pik’N’Mix type candy stores where I’ve calculated they may cost anywhere between $.60 and $.80 a piece!
EzraCope, CO

XL Haribo Gummi Colas

Love Haribo gummis! These taste as good as the smaller ones, but are huge, about 3 inches tall. That makes them a bit harder to chew, however, especially for little kids or people with dental devices.
ShirelyRiverside, MI

Absolutely love these things

Great candy…comes in a huge supply that lasts a long time. My favorite Haribo product.
LovieSan Juan, PR

Close to the perfect candy

Haribo can do no wrong (we’ll let those nasty berries covered in nonpareils slide). These cola bottles are always an attraction in the big jar in my living room. My guests seem to become even more addicted than I am.
JeanelleDel Rio, TN

The Best

I will need therapy because of these things! If they are in the house they are MINE! Haribo is the very best and I think these large ones taste better than their smaller counterparts!
LaurenHilo, HI

The ONLY “Super-Sized” Gummi Colas worth buying

I buy these bags of cola-goodness about 3-4 times a year for my little brother — these are the same product that he adores when he drives to Disneyland and makes a pit stop at Casa de Fruta. If you’re wondering how big a 5-pound bag is, you’d be surprised at the size: since these are the “giant” cola bottles, imagine a grocery-store produce baggie, fully packed and heat-sealed, but “super heavy”. This is a nicely textured gummi: not too soft and it has just the right touch of cola flavor.
NaFredonia, WI

Cola gummies…YUM!

What a great deal on a favorite treat. I love these things and is was an incredible value from Amazon.
LouanneNescopeck, PA