Harissa Dry 2oz By Zamouri Spices

Harissa Spice Blend is the dried version of Harissa Paste. This dried blend can be added to your favorite chicken dish or to marinate steak. Make a simple version of Harissa paste by adding 1/2 cup Harissa spice mix with 1/2 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup water and blend in food processor.

Quick facts

  • All Natural.
  • Great seasoning for meats!

Top reviews

Glad to have found this product!

This spice cannot be found just anywhere. Can find just about anything on Amazon. Very happy with the availability of this on Amazon and the ease of purchase. The quality was as expected. Price is always the best. Very happy to have made this purchase.
ZolaEllinwood, KS

Great Harissa powder

I usually but Harissa as a paste but my refrigerator tends to get overly full so I thought I would give powdered harissa a try. Very satisfactory taste, no bitterness, and adds a rich intensity to my dishes. I used it in a garbanzo bean soup and as a rub for lamb in a tagine. Very, very good. Then found out that it too, must be kept in a sealed jar in the frig. Oh well, even with needing to be refigerated I think I will stick with the powder. Great, well balanced flavor.
JacintaBelgrade, MO

Nice and spicy

I really liked this dry blend, it was spicy, but not too much so. I plan to purchase a lot more.
AshlyClines Corners, NM