Harney & Sons Fine Teas Pomegranate Oolong Tin – 20 Sachets

Harney & Son’s sachets meet the demands of even the most discriminating tea drinker. The teas are full leaf and the flavors are clear, yet elegant. No strainers or paper filters are needed. About Harney & Sons It started more than 30 years ago, when American tea was a poor commodity drunk only as teabags. John Harnev?s hobby of blending teas blossomed from pastime to passion, and Harney & Sons Teas was born. John’s goal was simple: to offer the finest teas at an everyday price, making tea an everyday luxury. Today John Harney and his sons Michael and Paul search the tea gardens of the world to bring their customers the cream of the crop. Their delicious blends ? and commitment to the quality and consistency – have made Harney & Sons a top name in tea providers. Beyond home use, Harney & Sons Teas are available in many of the finest restaurants, hotels and gourmet shops across the country. Ranging front robust First Flush Darjeeling to delicate Mutan White, Harney & Sons? more than 200 varieties of tea are designed to suit our customers? every mood. Personally sourced and professionally blended, they meet the highest standards of taste and aroma. From the tea garden to the tea cup, Harney & Sons is the best source for fine teas.

Quick facts

  • The extra large leaves of Ti Quan Yin Oolong are deliciously infused with tangy pomegranate to creat
  • Brewing instructions on tin.
  • Sachets are the perfect marriage of loose tea quality and teabag convenience.
  • Each sachet holds enough loose tea to brew two cups.
  • The teas are full leaf and the flavors are clear, yet elegant. No strainers or paper filters are nee

Top reviews

Delicious blend and highly recommended!

A wonderful mild blend with a hint of orange flavor. Not a strong, tart orange taste, just a subtle taste and aroma. It has a refreshing flavor and makes for a great afternoon tea.

I have found that most people that I have served this to tend to then want this blend again when they are offered tea by me. It’s one of everyone’s favorite teas and I highly recommend it!

ShantiCarleton, NE

My new favorite tea

I purchased this as a loose tea when I was up in Newport, RI and it is now my favorite. It has a nice blend of orange, spice, and a hint of cranberry that is surprisingly tasty without adding any sugar or cream (and I am a HUGE fan of sugar or honey in my tea) and I love that it is caffeine free. I still like to add some honey to mine, but it doesn’t take much. Thank goodness it’s available online because I am almost out!
DebbyCamp Crook, SD

Our favorite tea

I first tried this tea at Einstein Bros. Bagels, and it is the only tea the we drink now. It has the greatest flavor, and is the finest tea that I have ever tasted. I have offered it to many friends that do not like tea and they have tried it and loved it. We all like it without cream or sugar, the flavors are so rich and vibrant that it easily stands on its own.
Harney & Sons even somehow got my boyfriend off of soda, he bought a bunch of different flavors and has them with his meals instead now. They compliment meals very well, and are a wonderful way to start your day and unwind in the evenings.
GwenMedford, MN

It was just so-so.

I bought two of these based on the description and existing reviews. It smells alright but the orange wasn’t fruity enough and the rooibis wasn’t “earthy” enough. There was something in the balance of the two that just didn’t trip my trigger. I wish I’d been as pleased with this blend African Autumn, 20 Sachets in tin by Harney & Sons as earlier reviewers clearly were. Mind you, I adore H&S chocolate mint, many of their other teas and plain rooibos from other 4-5 tea companies. If it helps, I don’t add tea or cream to my teas — except when I go out for English Tea (PG Tips) at my favorite tea house. I also adore plain green tea, Red Rose black tea, Earl Grey, Rooibos with Asian Pear, plain rooibos and many other teas without cream or sugar. I’m usually very good at reading ingredients and envisioning what a tea will taste and smell like –that’s why I risked buying 2 tins. Part of what threw me was the name of the blend — “African Autumn”. Somehow I thought there would less of the orange flavor and more of an earthy-nutty flavor. No, I have no idea where that “made up in my mind” combo would have come from. Maybe they should have called this, “fall fruit basket” or something. The tea is not so unpleasant that I won’t finish it. I’ll have a few more mugs and see if I grow to like it but unlike my yummy chocolate mint, I’ll definitely give plenty of my remaining 37 bags of “African Autmmn” away one bag at a time. I hope that you enjoy it more than I did.
XiaoChichester, NH

Rooibos is my favorite herbal tea…

… and this is a good one. It brews up strong and tasty, full of that indefinable goodness that is rooibos. I will not hesitate to order it again. (And the tin is beautiful!)
ViolaAvera, GA


This is a wonderful tea that is served at a local tearoom. I crave it when I haven’t had it for a while! A great combination of flavors. Can’t say enough good things about it.
MilesPirtleville, AZ

very nice

african rooibos tea is my favorite tea anyway but this is the mercedes of it…i love the subtle hint of orange…i don’t even like fruit teas but this isn’t fruity tasting at all. very mild and smooth in taste. i love it with a small amount of vanilla soy milk added…delicious…highly recommend it.
ToddHuntsville, TN